That ABB luck Trey has been touching on recently (2016-17)

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That ABB luck Trey has been touching on recently (2016-17)

Postby y0n » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:23 am

Recently Trey has been playing a lick that many describe as Allman Bros sounding, Mountain Jam-esque in particular.

My first observation of this lick was in Crosseyed from 9/4/16 ... less?t=12m

When I first heard this I was mildly obsessed over it for several weeks, unable to put my finger on why I was familiar with it. Was convinced it was a Little Feat riff. Until, one day....

After this appearence in the 7/14/17 Hood, I saw a number of people on Twitter and here on .net refer to this as a Mountain Jam tease, which ultimately was enshrined in the setlist notes. After not appearing all of Fall tour, we were now on the cusp of the emergence of this riff as a theme of 2017.

The riff next appeared in Dayton, in the midst of a classic current age 3.0 Disease bliss jam.

The first time Trey touched on this riff during Baker's Dozen was on Coconut night, during the only Tweezer of the summer.

The riff reared it's delicious head another two times as part of the legendary residency. The next occurrence came as a part of what many consider to be the strongest show in 3.0 in Jam Filled. Again appearing around the 12-13 minute mark of a monster Crosseyed. This time there's a gradual build into the riff, almost as if it were planned. I'm including a few more seconds ahead of the riff itself, to demonstrate how Trey builds up to it. ... s?t=12m25s

The third and final appearance of the riff at Baker's Dozen occurred on the very next night (Powdered) during Mr. Completely.

Leading into night 13 of BD, I thought the flavor would be peach and they would cover Mountain Jam. Alas the riff, either as part of Mountain Jam or standalone, did not make another BD appearance. While Peaches night wasn't to be, Trey did eventually play Mountain Jam with the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

The next few examples aren't complete versions of the riff.

First in Dick's Ghost we hear the initial few (3?) notes of the riff.

And then again in Hood later in that same set.

Once more on 12/28/17 in Roggae Trey plays a riff that gently veers away mid-riff from Mountain Jam:

In these last 3 examples it sounds to my ears that Trey catches himself mid-riff and decides to avoid what some might call a "crutch." (For the record, I don't subscribe to the "crutch" idea, I love continued use of similar riffs over a tour/tours)

Anyone notice appearances of this riff that I haven't included here? Would love to find more examples.

Any knowledgeable musicians able to identify more of what's going on at a technical level?
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Re: That ABB luck Trey has been touching on recently (2016-1

Postby themomadans » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:25 am

Any knowledgeable musicians able to identify more of what's going on at a technical level?[/quote]

I was at a number of those shows and can’t say that I noticed it. But I’m a musician with a good understanding of theory and would like to listen to them again with that in mind - it might be that a lot of those songs/jams are based in the mixolydian mode. A lot of jambands use this - think Dark Star or the DWD Jam.

At any rate, I’m enthralled with the unabashed Phish geekery of this post. :clap:
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Re: That ABB luck Trey has been touching on recently (2016-1

Postby El Bastarde » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:59 pm

It's the spirit of Greg Allman, of course.

Though, while I'll I'd say that I didn't notice them either, it's not crazy to suggest that the Allmans could be an influence. Or, heck, maybe Trey's been listening to them lately and it's bleeding through a bit. Anything is a possibility.
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