Postby themomadans » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:10 am

Possibly the most polarizing song on Big Boat.

I really love that Phish are still injecting that early prog-rock influence into their music. Yes it's a different sounding prog than 1989, but that's kind of the point.
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Re: Petrichor

Postby delayloop » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:12 am

Waiting to hear it live, I guess, until I make my final decision about the tune.

I *do* remember hearing the orchestral version and thinking it sounded like background music you hear while walking through Disney World. Trey's part doesn't really classify the piece as a "concerto" in the sense that the writing and performing are not at a virtuosic level. But I judge pretty harshly in general, especially when artists jump into the classical arena.

I think the studio version is incredibly segmented (some of which could be really cool songs by themselves, and some segments sounding like high school-level compositions) accompanied by repetitive lyrics about a rain smell.

We'll see.
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Re: Petrichor

Postby El Bastarde » Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:34 pm

I dig it a lot. It's not TOO ambitious and it doesn't get too weird...and I actually like that it was light on of the issues I felt with TTE was just too many singing parts...they never let the music breathe. I don't get much of the "concerto" and "classical" stuff folks are speaking doesn't sound like that at all to me. I wouldn't even judge it that way since it sure doesn't sound like it.

Petrichor's segmented for sure but I'd say a lot of early Phish projects are. The first few minutes are the rockiest but I really enjoy the first singing part and especially the slower middle part with the beautiful piano and light guitar. There's the "upbeat" part with the singing that appears to be about the end of the world in some way and I wish this part didn't end so quickly with the "at last" line...I'd hope they maybe extend this live but I'm guessing they won't. The ending is a bit repetitive with the rain lyrics but a nice way to end it...I had a pretty satisying feeling after it ended and it's a fine way to finish the album.
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Re: Petrichor

Postby Katiemay » Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:19 pm

I am still familiarizing with it and haven't developed a solid opinion yet. It is in the vein of the Broadway rock opera sound that Trey has been producing for several years. Reminds me of Tommy at times and I can almost see a group of dancers running around a stage acting/dancing out a story. My initial feelings are of like, not love, but there is the potential for something more.

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Re: Petrichor

Postby Harpua » Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:32 pm

I am officially off the fence.

I don't particularly care for the upbeat, Beatlesque, rock section near the end of the tune. That is my sole gripe. I wouldn't be a jaded phanner if I didn't have at least one beef.

I really like this song! This is probably Trey's best composition since Guyute.
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