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Postby hosemasterflex » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:44 am

I value this album more as time goes on. Certainly more now than I did when it was new. I remember being frustrated at so many of the choices. Another fan bitching about the setlist, I know.

But at the time, knowing they'd played Gamehenge entirely, twice, in 1994 ... knowing how many stage favorites were already legendary and not yet on albums ... knowing how hard it was to get recordings of those tunes at that time ... it was frustrating for me, and felt like a lost opportunity. For years you just couldn't easily get a clean copy of so many songs!

Now that you can hear everything practically whenever you want, this album's relative value changes. 22 years later it's Phish's first *Live Album* and really does the job. Lots of bands have a first live album that really defines them, of stands as some kind of band identity statement. ALO is definitely worthy, without a doubt, in that role. Strong-ass performances, like nothing in their career. We all have our favorite year, or tour, and fall 1994 isn't even mine. But it's arguably Phish at their absolute peak. Although I don't feel like arguing.
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