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Postby phishreference » Thu Dec 15, 2005 9:47 pm

I think Trey gets amped up for Philly shows - esp. the Spectrum because his dad is usually there. It's really his home arena...he grew up playing hockey & rooting for the Flyers who used to play there and I know that his dad gets season tickets to the Flyers (or at least used to).

Amenities are less than ideal - especially when the Wachovia Center right across the street is much nicer, but I think the sound at the Spectrum is better.
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Postby cubbiephan » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:06 pm

thanks for that last note....not knowing anything about philly...i assumed that the wachovia was the spectrum just with a changed name...but now i see that the spectrum is the older one which is cool...more sentimental to a lot of older concerts
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Postby bhuji2 » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:38 pm

You know, who cares?
People sign up to message boards for alot of different reasons. If it's for rumors, to trade CD's, or just to chat, people join groups for a wide range of reasons. The thing is is to be welcoming and open to these people and then they will stick around and post in other threads. To say that your worried about to many people or whatever get over it.

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Postby cemeteryroses » Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:55 am

OKP is the friendliest message board I've ever been on. I'm proud to be a part of this amazing group. And I was surprised to see a rumors go up on I saw it yesterday.
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Postby willbreathes » Sun Feb 14, 2016 11:36 pm

cemeteryroses, we speak your name.
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