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Postby Harpua » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:23 pm

I know that I have posted this in a different thread previously, but a month ago I re-read Cat's Cradle. It blew my mind how much of that novel I had forgotten in a matter of 8-9 years. What's more, I have recommended this book to many people. I now have this cocktail party scenario that plays out in my head, where I am at a party and people are discussing Vonnegut. I have read every sentence he has ever had published, and would naturally want to be involved in this conversation. At some point during this conversation someone brings up Cat's Cradle, and I say "Oh, that is a wonderful book." Then all eyes are on me. I feel that I should contribute more, but... I don't remember a damn thing about it, other than Ice Nine and the last sentence of the book. I am exposed as a fraud.

Granted this pretentious little scene is unlikely to occur, as I am not one to associate with people who discuss literature. In fact, one of my closest friends (who is incredibly well read) and I jokingly refer to our circle friends, and her husband in particular, as "incredibly high functioning illiterates."

Never-the-less, I am now on a re-reading kick that is proving to be necessary, because if I read a book prior to 2013, I have very little recollection of it now.

So far I have re-read Cat's Cradle, Slaughterhouse Five, and Hitch Hiker's Guide: all of which I read in 2008 or 2009, and all of which I mention when I discuss my favorite novels. I am happy to say that re-reading them hasn't changed my opinion of them.
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