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!!!Phish Outerwear!!! SO HOT RIGHT NOW

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 8:56 pm
by ghost
My mother in law gave me a Phish zip hoodie for Christmas 2005. (I still wear it often.) She just gave me a second identical hoodie that she for some reason had in the bottom of her closet since 2005.
XL. Navy blue. Yellow Phish logo embroidered on left side. Still sealed in original bag from Dry Goods.

I never wore this Patagonia/Phish crossover jacket. I don't like the color and I don't like the way it fits on me.
Patagonia Adze Hybrid Jacket with embroidered Phish logo from Dry Goods. XL.

If no one is interested, I think I'll post it in Facebook Phish groups.