07-08-16 Xfinity Center (Great Woods) Mansfield, MA

Friday, 07/08/2016
Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA
Set 1: Party Time > 46 Days, Poor Heart, The Dogs, Bathtub Gin, Fast Enough for You, How Many People Are You, Strange Design, Fuego, Cities[1], Space Oddity

Set 2: Ghost > Light > Wolfman’s Brother[2], Chalk Dust Torture, Saw It Again > Back on the Train > Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: I Am the Walrus

[1] Trey broke a string and switched guitars mid-song, also introducing his guitar tech, Brian Brown. Trey then switched to Marimba Lumina and Mike played Trey’s guitar.
[2] Vocal jam, during which the PA cut out and the band left the stage. Unfinished.

· Eine kleine Nachtmusik tease

Notes: Eine kleine Nachtmusik was teased prior to Party Time. During Cities, Trey broke a string, switched guitars, and introduced his guitar tech, Brian Brown; Trey then switched to Marimba Lumina while Mike played Trey’s guitar. Wolfman’s contained a vocal jam, during which the PA cut out and the band left the stage. Wolfman’s was unfinished, and after several minutes the band resumed with CDT.

This show was a blast! Relistening now. I forgot all about Mike playing guitar for the end of Cities. I always remember the power going out though, and the band collaborating at the piano and drums to keep jamming for us, was pretty sweet. I don’t think the official recording has that part. I’m still only at Light right now though, maybe I’ll be like oh there it is yeah’r it’s there whoops.