I will put this in the B&P section because I don’t know where to put this. I have this 4 disk show on dvd and would like to share it with people. But if you get this you have to either B&P for people or start a vine and give it to people I will take the first two people that want this, keeping in mind that you start a vine with it. Also I gave this show to UB40 I am sure that he will B&P for you if you can’t the vine or something.

I would love a copy.

Hey if you did not put the package in the mail yet then put four blanks in it as well and I can send you 10.31.94 with the 10.31.98 show that I am sending today? Let me know

I would love to have this…And would be more then happy to start the vine…

I’ve got it. Anyone can PM me.

Will, did you still want to trade 12-31-95 for it?


Hey Daniel, I actually sent some blanks to foampiper for them today. Sorry, I forgot who I was originally talking to about this, and I guess I assumed it was him.

I will PM you about getting 12/31/95.

Hey UB40. If i send 4 blanks could you burn a copy of 10.31.94?