12-07-97 Ervin J. Nutter Center

12-07-97 Ervin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, OH

1: AC/DC Bag-> Psycho Killer-> Jesus Just Left Chicago, My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own, It’s Ice-> Swept Away-> Steep-> It’s Ice, Theme From the Bottom, Tube*-> Tube Jam**, Jam Reprise*-> Slave to the Traffic Light

2: Timber (Jerry) > Wolfman’s Brother-> Boogie on Reggae Woman#-> Reba, Guyute^, Possum

E: A Day in the Life

*With post-“Izabella” jam from 12-06-97 Auburn Hills. Slowed down, stopped, started again (about five or six times). #Stevie Wonder cover. ^With whistled second verse.

This Tube jam > Slave is a must hear!! Tube is all out funky with some nice work from Page. The segue into Slave is flawless and the way it builds up to epicness is just epic.

Also, the intro segues were amazing, and these three songs set the energy of the show into high gear.

This is really a great show, I would definitely recommend giving this show a listen if you don’t have it already. This is 1997 Phish at its finest.

Couldn’t agree more. That “Slave” is my favorite version EVAR.

I think front-to-back it’s a solid show to give a n00b to whet their ears. Not too much (any, really) “out there” jamming, fluid segues, and crisp jamming. People fluff this show and I suppose it might venture into the “overrated” category by some fans, but not to me.

First full Phish show I ever heard (I had heard A Live One previously), and it blew me away.

Maybe in my subconcious, this is the reason I went to UDayton. :lolno:

Oil Change in Dayton Hotel?

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I’ll be at the Nutter Center on Friday!

I believe I am going to try and recreate the Bag -> Psycho Killer as well as the greatest Slave ever performed.

Celebrating the anniversary of this fall 97 highlight with my first listen to this show. Way late to the party here, but I never cared to get around to it until today.

Before I comment on the show, I gotta say I love this aud. No talkers. Sounds like a room full of people who are there to listen to the music. Page is nice and loud, as is Trey, as is Mike. This taper sounds like he was at the foot of each musician at the same time. It was prime, wherever he was.

The boys get started right away with a very impressive Bag->Psycho Killer->JJLC. Trey’s vocals are less than perfect on Psycho Killer, but the crowd eats it up, and I do to. I love the reaction from the crowd once Psycho Killer begins proper. Trey gets a :thumbup: for trying his best on the “OOOOOOHOHOOOOOH!” JJLC has really locked in jamming during Page’s solo, and Trey builds his with slow, minimalist blues leads, featuring those Trey style bends for tension.

It’s Ice->Swept->Steep->It’s Ice is a melodic, fluorescent passage of music. The very short space between It’s Ice and Swept Away has some beautiful lines from Trey. Perfect execution of Swept->Steep.

The Tube->Slave closer is a real treat. Page is all over the Tube Jam. First on the clav, then he really gets down with some jazz/funk organ work. They fall into a breakdown, hanging on Page’s one organ note. Stop/start breakdowns are the theme here. First on FIshman’s mark, then on Trey’s. The way Trey and Page hint at Slave in short flourishes, rather than an outright segue to makes this unique.

Slave…it speaks for itself. Enormous, wall of notes peak. And that’s just the first set…

The Theme from this show always gets no love. :cry: Perhaps my favorite minutes of phish ever.

^ Yes! As a lover of Theme, this one gets :thumbup: :thumbup: . One of the best ever, along with 12/29/97

^ I’ve also really liked 12/29/97 Theme.

Anyone else hear a pan flute in the last two minutes of the Tube jam before Slave?

^ I’ll have to give it another listen

Listening to this Reba right now, Mike is highlight for me. :smiley: The last 2 minutes just fucking blaze.
Not to mention, butt I will, this Possum is fucking amazing.

I’ve heard what you’re talking about but I’m pretty sure it’s an effect on Mikes bass. Could be Page though… I’m not sure, could even really be a pan flute :think:

I thought it was Page at first, but he’s playing that jazz/funk synth he uses for 2001 (What is it called?). Mike’s effect seems like the best conclusion, since I don’t hear any bass there.

Def Mike


^ Does he only use the clav? If so I just noob’d all over myself. I know the lower tones on a clav sound like a croak or a groan to me, but I’m not quite sure if the higher ones have that same croak to them. The higher notes might be what I thought was a different keyboard.

:think: :think: A video may be useful

Pretty sure Mike is using an effect at the end of that Tube Jam.

Page also uses the Rhodes frequently in 2001, like Deodato.