12-07-97 Ervin J. Nutter Center

The Theme from this show always gets no love. :cry: Perhaps my favorite minutes of phish ever.

^ Yes! As a lover of Theme, this one gets :thumbup: :thumbup: . One of the best ever, along with 12/29/97

^ I’ve also really liked 12/29/97 Theme.

Anyone else hear a pan flute in the last two minutes of the Tube jam before Slave?

^ I’ll have to give it another listen

Listening to this Reba right now, Mike is highlight for me. :smiley: The last 2 minutes just fucking blaze.
Not to mention, butt I will, this Possum is fucking amazing.

I’ve heard what you’re talking about but I’m pretty sure it’s an effect on Mikes bass. Could be Page though… I’m not sure, could even really be a pan flute :think:

I thought it was Page at first, but he’s playing that jazz/funk synth he uses for 2001 (What is it called?). Mike’s effect seems like the best conclusion, since I don’t hear any bass there.

Def Mike


^ Does he only use the clav? If so I just noob’d all over myself. I know the lower tones on a clav sound like a croak or a groan to me, but I’m not quite sure if the higher ones have that same croak to them. The higher notes might be what I thought was a different keyboard.

:think: :think: A video may be useful

Pretty sure Mike is using an effect at the end of that Tube Jam.

Page also uses the Rhodes frequently in 2001, like Deodato.

just listened to Slave, Timber>Wolfman’s>Boogie On

the crowd’s reaction to hearing the hints of Boogie On is really cool…never really noticed that before…Wolfmans from 97 were so great, probably the first tune they started working in the cow funk, see SS&P of course

This is one of my favorite versions of Reba out there, and it starts off with a perfect transition from the Boogie On bust out.

Happy 15 yr Ann! :thumbup:

The 2 minutes leading up to the reba is what becomes the new ghost intro in 1998.

This is currently one of the free shows on the Live Phish app (assuming you aren’t subscribed to the pay streaming service). I haven’t hear it in quite a few years, so I put this show on while I grilled last night, and it is better than I remembered. They don’t give themselves any time to catch their breath in that second set. This is a truly outstanding show.

Lately I haven’t been able to get the free stuff from LivePhish to work properly on my PC, so I feel like I miss out on some good free tunes. However, it looks like this one is up on the youtubes so I will check it out if I get a chance today or tomorrow.


Pretty damn good show. Harpua, thanks for bumping this thread!

As others have stated, the Slave to the Traffic Light is top notch. That string of first three songs was pretty impressive, but I love Psycho Killer so that was a nice surprise. Speaking of surprises, I listened to this show without looking at the setlist, which seemed to enhance my enjoyment of it a bit.

Re: Harpua’s comment about not taking a breath in the second set, It seems like the segues/flow of this show is much better than the Baker’s Dozen shows. 20 freaking years ago though, can’t blame them if they’ve lost a little zip on their fastball.

this is totally one of those shows that i think i know and ive heard probably like 3-5 times ever and there are parts i have memorized but more that i don’t.

like i can’t recall this slave at all which is apparently crazy so i am listening right now

from memory the slip into psycho killer is fantastic, mike just crushing , and the swept/steep inside its ice is one of those things that like IS PHISH to me.