I thought I had this show, turns out I only got 12/28…
I wanted to listen to this show today. :frowning:
Anyone got a good sounding copy that would want to do a trade?


I could bring a copy to Cinci. Lame answer I know. :slight_smile:

Do you do torrents?

No torrents for me…I’m lame.

Would you bring a copy to cinci?
That would be super. :ugeek: :mrgreen:

I can survive till then.
That whole show just smokes. Thanks Will

Burned and ready for the hand-off.

Thanks,…can I get you anything in return?

A Columbus '00 Pollock.

K, thx, bai.

That’s it?

Piece of cake… :mrgreen:

Ooooh, I’ll take a piece of cake.

You know, either or.

Hey, a successful hand off was made!

Too bad I went home with shows for Hank and Thom.

But… 1 out of 3 ain’t bad, right Meatloaf? :wtf:

Wait, cake and meatloaf are being served?

Actually, it is cakeloaf!

Thanks again Will!

The bass duel>La Grange = :sunglasses:

One of the best shows I had the pleasure of attending!