12-30-15 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Wednesday, 12/30/2015
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set 1: Sample in a Jar, Free, Simple > Back on the Train, Waiting All Night, 555, Roggae, The Dogs > 46 Days

Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture > Ghost > Can’t Always Listen[1] > Ghost > Waves > Bathtub Gin > Mike’s Song > Bouncing Around the Room > Weekapaug Groove -> What’s the Use? > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Character Zero

[1] Debut.

Notes: This show was webcast via Live Phish and featured the debut of Can’t Always Listen. Page teased Magilla in Simple. The second Weekapaug contained Auld Lang Syne and What’s The Use? teases from Trey.

Weird second set. Some strong jams, but a very strange flow. Chalkdust was great. Ghost gets aborted soooo early, like right after the lyrics and when they go back into Ghost, it doesn’t seem to really go anywhere. New song was alright, but needs some work. Reminds me a bit of Jerry’s Big Railroad Blues riff. Waves started out a little sloppy, but got really awesome towards the end. Gin had a really strange jam. I don’t know what to make of it. It seemed like Trey just wanted to hang back or Page just wanted to take control, regardless of intention, it came so close a couple times to being an amazing thing, but kept falling short. Highlight of the Mikes Groove was definitely that What’s the Use? Again, it kind of felt like a lot of Trey hanging back, at least until that peak, and then it was a lot of Trey shredding up the rest of the show.

I thought it was a very solid first night, and they sounded plenty warmed up by the time the show ended. Can’t wait to hear tonights performance. Happy New Years Pa!

2 of the 3 have been idiotic setlists and their flows have been weird as fuck. They have been playing ALOT of mid-tempo and ballads. Then when the show actually starts to take off and shows promise, they slam on the brakes again with a ballad or another goddamn wingsuit song. I mean, they encored with fucking Farmhouse last night! I have no idea why they have chosen to do this :frowning:

It’s very easy to forget how good this first set was. That 555 and Roggae - hot damn.

Solid first set, pretty damn great second. Fun looking set list, that kept my attention the entire time. Chalkdust >Ghost is greatness.

Definitely set the tone for the run. Always love hearing new material. Can’t always listen now brings the tally to 5 if sings that could be in their next album. NMiNML, Blaze On, Shade, and Steam.

I would replace Steam with Mercury.

Steam was around before Fuego, I doubt it gets the studio release.

Halfway to the Moon was debuted in 2010 but was put on Fuego in 2014 despite not being played at the Halloween 2013 show. Never say never.

This Bathtub Gin is a contender for best jam of the run in my opinion. Also appropriate use of What’s the Use? considering the recent Siket Disc vinyl release.

Right totally forgot about Mercury!

The first two shows of this run might be the best of their recent shows, even Mexico. (EDIT: Post Magna, OBVI!!)

Trey puts so much energy into this Free in the opening set… Man, does he have some nice work in this one. What a kick-off for the night!

Listening to this show now and fondly remembering rocking out with Ladyphish aka Ollie on our first night of the New Years run and also my birthday show! Good times and I miss everyone!