12.31.99 Midnight-Sunrise on Traders Den

Yo! ;D
12.31.99 Project Midnight Sunrise is on the trader’s den. Go to:


and check it out. It’s huge…approx. 26 gigs, but appears to be the closest thing we have to Big Cypress footage until they release it. It’s a mix of various camera angles, some look good, some not so good. But it’s the whole thing from midnight to sunrise. A ton of leeches on right now, (170+) with some seeders…It’s gigantic, but should move quick as more people log on.

I’m at 57%. Less than a day to go!

I’m DL’ing now, can probably B&P, or we should do a vine…

Yeah, I was planning on starting a vine. The problem is that everyone in the vine has to have dual-layer burners for the vine to grow. So we’ll see how it works out

^yes, that’s a problem for me … i would be eternally grateful if someone would b&p with me

I would also like to obtain this somehow…Vine, B&P, I dont’ care. Cypress!

It’s not nice to create duplicate threads - http://ohkeepa.proboards36.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=1143228291

It sure is popular though.

It’s not nice to create duplicate threads -

damn it…

didn’t realize a thread already existed.

worth the overlook I’d say…^