After having to miss last year, I’m totally in for Dick’s this year.

I’m debating Cuyahoga but it just sucks it’s in the middle of the week…that’s at least two days off work to even attempt. I’ll have to see how it’s going then.

Backing out of Boston… I hear it is not a good venue… I enjoyed Wrigley and was hoping to continue the baseball tour.

Really want to do Dick’s but tickets+camping for 2 comes to around $730. Kind of crazy. It was around $580 in 2017.

Hard to stomach the 25% increase.

Wisconsin is beautiful that time of year. Think about it, people.

n00b question, when do we find out if we got tickets through the Phish ticket request? Cause that “Verified Fan” sale is this weekend.

Not a noob question. This is a new development. I believe they are selecting either today or tomorrow.

Cool, thanks dude! Looks like Alpine tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 AM, so that should be plenty of time.

Dang, got locked out of Dick’s tickets for the onsale. Didn’t think that’d happen. Got too busy and wasn’t on the ball this year. Ended up getting fleeced on the third market but I got a 3-day pass. See you guys there.

Supporting third party, ugh.

Supporting third party, ugh.

I know. I hate it but what are you gonna do? I needed tickets and I’m just not comfortable enough for booking a flight and hotel and just hoping I find tickets when I get there.


Why do I ever think I can say no…

Getting closer…

Yo-yo pham. Just got out of prison n had to start a new account (as well as a new… Well pretty much everything) so this is my first-ish message. Not slot of activity going on. Meet up board has nothing from this year even. Cuyhoga is the first show I’m doin this year. Never been there. Hear it’s a state park? Anyone know good place to camp with an r. V.? Also gonna do alpine. I heard they opened up the campgrounds again but can’t find a place to reserve a site. Help?

Friday, June 21st
PNC Music Pavilion
Charlotte, NC

I shall be there with new gal, my best pal, and his wife. Terrible seats, but I love seeing Phish in this venue.

There is no camping in the park around Blossom. But there are campgrounds a few minutes out of the way.

There is no camping in the park around Blossom.

Which is crazy because it LOOKS like there should be a ton of camping since there’s nothing around there.

Could also just find a place and sleep in a car since there’s a lot of sidepaths and lots to choose from. last time I was there, I remember taking a nap in mine in the parking lot for a bow-and-arrow shooting range just down the road from Blossom.


and we are off!

it’s so stupendous!