2-16-1997 DVD coming soon...

Hey everybody. I just posted something about this show under the live phish section. Just thought I’d post it here too. I’m trying to get the DVD’s of this show circulating very soon. I have one copy and soon i’m hoping all the good pholks out there will have one to… I’ll find out from our “1993” fan favorite vetran on board to see if everything is a go and i’ll keep everybody updated as soon as I can. Take care all you good pholks.

sweet…put me on the outgoing list

and congrats on your new god-dom

I would like to trade for this too… shoot me a pm when all is ready!

Will do fellas. I’m just waiting for a response from someone who’s got some early SBD’s and is willing to spread this around. I have no burner and have to find someone w/ buring capabilities evertime I need new one. Not cool but i’m getting a new computer soon w/ all the goods installed. Take it easy.

if you mess around with this at all you should see if you can cut that stripe at the very top of the image… didn’t notice it until i downloaded it but its somewhat distracting. otherwise this an awesome proshot vid… very cool of you to put in the effort to get it circulating.

count me in

can we please get a copy sent across the pond? (to me, Icc, Cletus, Maelzoid, etc.)

Worked out something w/ one of the goderators. I’ll be sending out some PM’s and leaving updates on this thread. This exact post actually. Take care everybody. Drop me a PM is you got’s a question.