9-14-99 Boise, ID SET 2 VIDEO

I recently picked this DVD rip off of Traders Den. The video is pretty great and the sound is fantastic (for what its worth).

My point is, I converted the files to MPEGs and would have no problem letting anybody download them from me… the second set consists of:

9-18-99 II
BSU Pavillion - Boise, ID

01-Peaches en Regalia
02-AC DC Bag
04-Down with Disease

The whole folder is about 400 megs, which isnt too bad.

It is a surprisingly great fall 99 show worth checking out.

PM me if anyone’s interested. .

(By the way, I have to go on record to say that this video was meant to be traded as a DVD in its original format, so I would not really advise trying to trade this out, but if somebody would just like to check out it regardless, let me know.)

Upload them on YOU SEND IT or another site so we all may share the MPEG glory!

Or send me a PM and I’ll send you a DVD in trade…

i think im going to post it on You Send It early tommorow…

good idea.

…please YSI it

Did you post it on You Send It yet?

sorry guys…
i dont usually say im going to do things and back out,
but my comp. got pretty much destroyed by a virus last week and a great deal of audio and all of my video is gone. so, theres not gonna be a 9-14-99 you send it anytime soon.

hopefully ill be able to hook somethin else up soon.