A Live One

I saw slip stitch and pass and had to make one for A Live One. The stash is amazing!!! :o and don’t forget the great chalkdust and a good bouncing, too. A great album.

really boring choice for a yem though, especially considering how that song exploded in 94… and i wish that a large section of the bozeman tweezer had been the one chosen (instead we just get that brief little bit of it after gumbo) rather than the melody-less bangor.

i find the hood to easily be the best choice on that album, although the stash is surely one of the better “normal” versions that the band ever played.

despite my few little gripes, a live one was one of my earliest introductions to phish and perhaps the very start of me actually listening to them.

I was lucky enough to see the Chalkdust(Hill Auditorium) they used on that album. Great version IMO!


A live one is all about stash baby.

bigb - isn’t the piano solo at the end of coil from a different show than the rest of the song is?

Not sure? Never heard that before.

Disc 1 has a great “Stash” and “Chalkdust.” “Slave to the Traffic Light” doesn’t get enough credit!

Disc 2’s “Hood” is very very good. Highlight of the disc. The “Tweezer” sometimes bores me. I prefer their slow, funked-out versions to the really exploratory versions.

I dont own a copy anymore but one time looking through the liner notes i noticed(although i knew it was parts of shows) it says recorded live at the Clifford Ball. Now take into mind i read this a full year before the actual Clifford Ball? Just the boys doing weird stuff i guess! ;D

I love the Chalkdust, but I think the Hood is in the best performance of any song ever category!!! It sounds PERFECT!

not sure if it is but that has always been my fav. coil ending…i usually sit in my my car on a late night drive home and blast that…ahhhhh

This album (as the first Phish I ever heard) singlehandedly started my love w/ the band. The Bouncing was unlike anything I had ever heard. Once I heard that solo groove by Fishman in the beginning, I was hooked. I can still remember my eyes bugging out when I saw that the Tweezer was over 20 minutes long. And then…then there was the Page solo in Coil. Beautiful. It doesn’t get much better than this.

yeah that cd is always great to put in and look back on the whole phish experience…i have a feeling it was prob. a lot of people’s first cd or at least their first live cd experience. I always have and always will LOVE that cd

the stash is one of my favorites…

and i personally love the tweezer…that part in the middle somewhere reminds me of a circus or something…i love it.

the stash is great,imo. the hood is also very enjoyable.
if ‘a live one’ was all from one show, it woulda been a hell of a show, so i think it was (for its time) a great live release when there really wasnt anything else.

like others, a live one was my first dive into phish and has since changed my world. once i heard those opning thumps from mike on bouncing around i knew i was in for something amazing. bbtw, this might be THE version of bouncing, and stash. the stash is simply sikk. the entire first cd is sikk. and the hood and coil on the second are awesome. a must have

OH it’s not the Stash? What are you talking about? Maybe if it’s the only Stash you’ve heard…but c’mon! 11/14/95! Jeez!

ok fine. its not THE stash. but its damn good and you cannot deny that.

I’ve said elsewhere…I like the “Stash” on A Live One, but it’s not the best one. Maybe on a good day it cracks the top 5.


In fact, the only top-5 version of any song on A Live One would either be “Harry Hood” or “Tweezer.” “Chalkdust” rips but so do all of 'em. “Slave” is gorgeous, but again, so are all of 'em.

I really don’t think that ALO has any of my favorite versions on it, but I have only listened to it a few times…maybe I’ll revisit that tomorrow.