:o :o :o


Curses! Foiled again.

Haha, I was just seeing if anybody ever noticed this. I never did until I posted in it haha.




I don’t even know what this is all about…but i like it. ;D

it appears to be a “secret board”…

lets do stuff…

I’m confused too!

well…lets use this thread for something…any ideas? i have none…

but like i said before…“lets do stuff.”

Stuff it is!

wow so this is what doing stuff is like, it’s pretty nice. hey you want to pass me the chips?

So no one is passing the chips. I think i can get them myself then.

Well, while your up, grab me some!

I’ll grab the beer.

Random Pic thread a great idea…! I encourage everyone to find the weirdest thing and let it fly!


Let’s keep this place secret - like a treehouse.

No gurls alowed!!!

ok and we should have a secret knock…how about the clapping in mound

or stash

screw that…LET THERE BE WOMEN. but they’re not allowed to talk, they can only be naked and give us massages

yes to women, no to shave heads, yes to toga’s

are there any females even on this board?

we had one awhile ago…i’m sure we’ve scared them all away with our disgusting displays of testosterone (sp?)