Alliance Peer 2 Peer downloading with networks ONLY

Has any one ever heard of or used Alliance?

It is a peer 2 peer file sharing program but its different than any other I have ever used. When you download it you do one of 2 things. You either enter a code to join a network that you were invited to or you create your own network. once you do either of these things you can then invite your friends to the network you are in. With that being said, you are only downloading music from people that were personally invited to the network as well as only sharing music with people invited to the network. Which should make everything you download trust worthy since its one big ring of friends.

There are also other features such as a group chatroom to talk with everyone in the network…

the website is right here…

I just created a network on it but have not invited any one yet. I was thinking maybe we could create a “Oh Kee Pa Network”


I’m in if you guys are.

When I was in college p2p and authorities not knowing about it were huge.

Could watch a movie every day and just rock.

Dayton had amazing fast Internetz too.