Arrested Development

I conducted a search but it yielded no results for this phrase. Please tell me I did something wrong because there must be a thread dedicated to the most brilliant comedy ever to grace the small screen!

Talk about an ensemble cast! Every single character on the show is funny. Even the ones you may consider less funny are still really really funny. Guest stars doing short-term spots shine because the writing is so superb, but I cannot say enough about the regular actors on this show and their unbelievable comedic talent.

The comedy ranges from idiotic to intellectual to absurd and is executed flawlessly every single time. I watch the three seasons over and over, never getting sick of them, always laughing; at the same old jokes as well as new ones I have just discovered.

It was the kind of show that rewarded you for being a faithful viewer with jokes you would only understand if you have seen it regularly and know the characters (who only get funnier and funnier as you keep watching).

I was hooked on the show from the premiere and told everyone I knew about it repeatedly, but I knew it was doomed. I am truly grateful it made it as long as it did.

I hope there are other fans out there in OKP-land to share in a discussion of my all time favorite…I hate to call it a sitcom because it really is in a realm of its own…comedic television program.

i’ve watched this show a bunch, but prob not in the past year to year and a half… used to always be on over my friends house, and i mean always… def some funny stuff

never saw it when it was on TV, just the DVD’s

This was one of the few shows that was appointment viewing for me. I saw every episode on TV, before I had DVR. I’ve probably watched the whole series 5 or 6 times since then.

Tobias: I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run if you will, so I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.
Michael: There’s so many poorly chosen words in that sentence.

Tobias F

This is/was one of the best things on tv in a looooooonnnnnngggg time. I loved this show when it was “new” on Fox. Like above, it was appointment viewing for me as well.

Too bad it only lasted 3 seasons. But, if the rumors are true, there should be a movie right around the corner. I guess they are just waiting for Michael Cerna to come around. Hopefully this comes to fruition, cause that would be the beeeeeze-neeeeeze!

^ Michael Cera signed on. It’s a go, and it’s in production as we speak.

That’s just great news!

Super-duper gang!

one of the best shows ever. i own every episode on dvd. probably the funniest show in the past decade besides it’s always sunny in philadelphia.

I had heard awhile back that there may be a movie in the works, but I didn’t know it was actually happening. Will it be released to theaters? I have to ask because no one watched it, so who would go to see it at the theater. I can’t even imagine it playing within 100 miles of me. I’m pretty psyched now. I imagine they will make sure it is great or they wouldn’t have agreed to do it. I know Showtime or somebody wanted to continue the show after Fox cancelled and Mitchell Hurwitz decided against it. I’m pretty surprised he would do a movie years later.

Going through the seasons again. Just started 2 last night. Some favorite highlights of this season are Michael’s reactions to Ann when she is brought up…gets me every time. I am going to enjoy a few now.

This is in my top 5 shows ever!

At least comedies!

I put it right behind The Simpsons and Seinfeld!!

I had not heard about the movie but that is great news. I hope we can get some more never nude comedy.

I’ve… never… seen a single episode at all. Ever.

I don’t watch TV much at all, but I guess I should make an exception. :slight_smile:

This show was a victim of my inability to program my brain to watch the same show at the same time of the week, every week. I watched this show for three or four weeks in a row and I thought it was hilarious. It was in the middle of the series run and I had no idea who the characters were or how they related or anything and it didn’t really matter since it was still funny. I guess I could rent the DVD now but when the heck am I going to find time to watch all this stuff?

Strangely, I’m the same way right now with Always Sunny in Philly…I heard this good stuff about it and then finally sat down to watch it…and I liked it a lot. But then I’ve clean forgot every other time it’s on. I think they’ve moved the time since then since I couldn’t find it in the TV book so now I have no clue what happened to it.

(I just now looked around to see when it’s on and I didn’t even see any listings! Are they not even showing reruns of it? What gives! Are they too busy showing X-Men 2 for the billionth time?)

So in the end I had two shows that I liked and yet I never remember when they’re on. I need help.


SuperJay…Please do make the exception. I highly doubt you will regret. If anything, watching this show will only enrich your life in ways you cannot yet imagine. Your step will be lighter, you may experience sporadic fits of laughter throughout the day, you may even embrace an enemy and offer to buy them new socks. Who can say? Are you willing to take the chance?

Stevo…I cannot help with your “Sunny” dilemma, but how about setting a recurring weekly reminder on your cellular telephone? (for next time you find yourself in such a situation…which by my calculations should be somewhere around October 18th 2012…so what you do now is set a reminder on your telephone for that date that reminds you to set a recurring weekly reminder to watch the most recent television show you find yourself enjoying).

this show saved all your lives. see, after Phish had retired, Steve Yzerman had retired, and my gf had cheated on me and then dumped me, i figured why not hit the nuke button. then i discovered this show and decided to let you all live. by the time i got through the 3rd season i was feeling much better about things.

Of course, I don’t have a cell phone but thanks for the suggestion. I DO leave notes for myself on my desk. Like this whole last season I had “Wednesday Means Lost” on my desk to remind me that Wednesday is the day Lost is on. Even then, I still got home, got involved in a b-ball game or video game and clean forgot. Don’t worry…I’ll try to remember in the future…LOL


Thanks to this thread I have started watching this show, and it is GREAT.

Already through the first season, and a couple episodes into the second. Thank goodness it has been raining non-stop here lately… I don’t feel so bad about not going outside :slight_smile:

meh… it’s okay.

^Come on!

HA i like arrested development. I have the first two dvds but the last season didn’t really amuse me much.

I’ve moved on to its always sunny in philidelphia.