Be nice!

This is a friendly reminder that forums like ohkeepa are for expressing opinions. This includes unpopular and minority opinions. If you disagree with someone, do it in a fashion that is respectful to the person. It seems to me that every time I post an unpopular opinion, there is one or more people who respond very negatively. Here are just a few of those responses aimed at my opinions in my short time here.

“You’re a serious musician? Go listen to some Michael Bolton or something.”

“the question of… …is tarded.”

“Get the shit out of your ears”

The last one being my personal favorite. From what I have read, this site is much more mature than PT, so lets strive to keep it that way. Unless you are a poster like velvetsea, everyone here deserves the same amount of respect and opinions should be valued no matter how unpopular they may be.

um… okay…

not to jab at you personally or this thread, but what’s with the massive explosion of new threads on this forum? Also, misplaced threads. it’s getting a little messy people…

Since this really has nothing to do with Phish, I’m just going to move it to the right section…but otherwise…yeah I mostly agree.

I was hoping it would stay in the general Phish since the majority of people only look at this section. Oh well. Just trying to do my part in keeping the peace. Shoot me down if you will.

The majority of people look at the General Phish Discussion section for…well…general phish discussion. If we just start letting any thread that demands attention get posted there, then people will go elsewhere to discuss Phish. No offense man…just doin my job.

the majority of new members may only look in that section, that could be why all these new threads get created only in that section…

just an FYI to all, including myself… think before you hit the “post” button… just a real quick question to yourself… does this thread/post belong here should do it

we have had quite the explosion of members and it gets messy fast when threads pop up every two minutes that are just thrown in the Gen Phish section

Get used to it pal.

Thanks for ganging up on me guys. Feeling real welcome. Would it stay in general Phish if I had said “Phish would have wanted it this way?”

Feel the breeze man; no one’s attacking you, just correcting you.

^^ To be fair, if you are going to express your unpopular opinions on a public forum, you should get used to the idea that your opinions are going to get criticized. Saying things like you would be disappointed to see Billy sit in with Phish or that you are a serious musician and think Fishman songs aren’t worth your time (implying that you are a more serious musician that Fishman), are going to get criticized because not everyone shares your opinion. Get used to it.

Your options are; 1. Say your piece and accept that not everyone is going to agree with you or 2. Don’t post your opinions if your scared that people won’t agree with you.

  1. I agree with the OP. Of course we should all be considerate, reasonable individuals, even in disagreement.

  2. I haven’t seen the posts you cite as examples, but I find them surprising. Seems the exception to the rule.

  3. I think you’re overreacting a little bit. All they said was “here’s the right forum for this” and it is - this is the section for discussion about the site itself, and that’s what this thread is about. It’s nothing personal at all; nobody is trying to shoot you down, gang up on you, make you feel unwelcome, or even disagree. In fact, I think it’s safe to say all of the regulars around here would agree that “If you disagree with someone, do it in a fashion that is respectful to the person” is dead on.

^ lol we are just talking about all the new users in general and trying to give tips on keeping the boards clean and nice to use.

if anyone here ever seems legitimately mad at you and they have over 1,000 posts or so, they’re probably joking or you misunderstood them. we are nice. you are nice, too. keep posting.

^^^YOu missed my point. The point is disagree with me all you want. Just don’t be an asshole about it. I never implied I was a more serious musician than Fishman. I meant that since I have a trained ear, I don’t like to hear bad notes.

^^ Exactly. Like Ant posts a shirtless picture in Members Pictures and of course we’re all going to make comparisons to how he looks like a 12 year old girl, but he doesn’t let it get to him. It’s called good old fashioned ribbing. No harm no foul.

Well then maybe it sounds like you’re implying that you’re a more serious musician than those of us that do like Fish songs…regardless…watch how you make yourself sound. You could criticize the Fish songs without adding in comments like “I’m a serious musician” and all the sudden your comment comes across as a lot less condescending. Just think about it, is all I’m saying.

“12 year old girl on crack” is what you meant

12-year-old girl? ah you assholes.


Be nice.

Good plan!

In one online community I was part of years ago, we had no rules save one: “Don’t be an asshole.”

It’s really that simple.

I think that one-rule system will work here too, so long as not searching before starting a new thread can be considered being an asshole. :wink: