***BEER TRADES!!!!***


Here in Michigan we have lots of tasty beer treats.

Anyone out West or our East or in VERMONT (Heady Topper) want to make a deal???

If this ain’t legit, PM me!!!

Let’s do this!


I’m down for that trade of Nectar Nugget we talked about…I’m just trying to figure out what you have that I can’t get. Any suggestions?

D’OH!!! Sorry Keith! You got me as I was leaving work and my brain is officially turned off at that time of day and no new information will be retained.

YES! Want to do a Hopslam trade??

What I really desire is a Pliny the Elder/Younger trade with someone out West or a Heady Topper trade with someone in VT.

Nugget Nectar is for sure a go!

I think we get just about the same beers Brett. But if you happen to find a Founders Bolt Cutter, I am looking for that as it is over the Ohio limit.


Eyes open, I’m on the lookout. Had it on tap a few weeks ago around Christmas. Frikin’ Firkin and it was tittays!

You ever get up this way again, there’s a new beer bar that you should stop at and grab a beer with me!

One Eyed Bettys in Ferndale.

Some time in the next six months I’ll be doing Indiana/Chicago for some Three Floyds, Pipeworks, Goose Island, Two Brothers.

Definitely got the itch to head back to Grand Rapids though.

Hmm, I am in!

Summit anyone?

Neat idea!