Best of 2009: 46 Days

Best 46 Days of 2009

  • 06-07
  • 06-14
  • 08-15
  • 11-18
  • 11-25
  • 12-04
  • 12-31

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Gotta go with the Merriweather 46 days…that jam realllly went places…trippy effects, new chord progressions, the works…cobo was definitly a close second… it had the potential to be better than merriweather, but they just kinda stopped it as it was getting really interesting!! congratulations, merriweather lol

as much as i liked the MPP, i gotta go with the cobo.


My top 5 versions of 46 Days.

CK5 and his tricks put it over the top… Detroit.

Those lights were amazing, and the alien funk was deep

Hey! You stole my list! :wink: :wave:

Great minds think alike. I love that 46 days.

Cobo brings the Heat!!!

And CK5 killed it…

Motown Love Baby!! :wave:

Cobo is where it’s at with 46 Days this year. Heat, heat heat!


Merriweather is getting robbed here. One of the great jams from Summer. Thought it was going into typical early 3.0 ambience, but then they took it another level. Way better than Cobo IMO.