Best of 2009: Heavy Things

Best Heavy Things of 2009

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There shouldn’t even be a poll, Hampton dominates!

Yeah, I said it!

::votes for miami anyways::

this is no contest.

Chicago was good, but I really like Hampton.

I went burgettstown on this one…beutifal flow in this jam, treys really on

there…thats better :thumbup:

Miami gets my vote, everything aspect of it was great.

yes! :thumbup:

me too really enjoyed that version, that show was a fun one to be at, funkiest tube these ears have heared in person

Miami kills all versions…Chicago in close 2nd Place… :wave:

i’ve never heard this song played like it was played in Miami.

Burgettstown was really fuggin’ good, but Miami takes the cake…

Miami FTW.

Who would thunk a second set Heavy Things would dominate…but it did. This song has really turned into a live treat.