Best of 2009: Makisupa Policeman

Best Makisupa of 2009

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Alpine for the “piss cup, probation officer”

The Makisupa>Hood is sweet but I gotta go with the Gorge version and the rotation jam. Mikey tearin’ up the 'doc!

Miami Mikeasupa…


I agree with Jud. It was all about Cactus in Miami!

peed in jah cup!

wow, i was at 3 out of the 4 Makisupa shows?

anyway i voted Gorge. Half Rotation jam!

Alpine…pissin in Ja cup…i mean, c’mon…halarious stuff there people. Miami VERY close second.

MIKE! :clap:

MIKE! :clap:

MIKE! :clap:

miami FTW

They did a rotation jam this year???

I had no idea.

Wow. Just…Wow…

Then again, what didn’t they do this year…?

calls probation officer