Best of 2009: Tweezer (A)

Best Tweezer of 2009

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Note: There are two polls for Tweezer, please only vote in one (1). Here is the other poll:

clossse call…I had to go RR, but miami was a closse second…red rocks tweezer was just shear perfection with lots of unique and intricate sections, one of those jams that truly sounded composed and a harrd hitting peak

red rocks…not close for me. actually :think: , that miami WASSS pretty good. but MAN! that red rocks was teh tits!

Red Rocks Tweez is one of my Jam’s of the Year for sure…

Miami and Cincy are really good versions as well but nowhere near as good as Red Rocks…

once again i’m the guy representing the closing set of Bonnaroo. and i will not be silenced.

really, the Miami version was probably better and i was at both of them but since the only thing i remember about the Bonnaroo Tweezer was that it was awesome, i’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Red Rocks gets the nod.