Best of Netflix Instant-Queue

Alright Ohkeepals,

Netflix instant Queue is a great invention, BUT sometimes the movies available are limited.

Post the cinematic gems that you found to help others who are frustrated and looking for a good movie.

Just watched Appalachian trail. Its a national geographic documentary. Very enjoyable.

Just started watching Trailer Park Boys, awesome!


Kick Ass.

The Thing.

So much, so little time.

Oh, and Flicks Watcher on android phones is something I check daily, not having cable and all.

a few that come to mind…

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
The Machinist
The Other Guys
The Return
Terribly Happy

South Park 1-12

Weed documentaries

so basically there’s nothing on instant cue then. That’s why I cancelled, nothing but B movies and TV shows I’ve already seen.

Hulu and Megavideo smoke netflix and they’re free.

The last four movies I listed are the best foreign films ive ever seen and would never have checked out without netflix.

Hulu had ads and megavideo has their time limit. Megavideo hosts movies but not legally and Hulu does not host movies IIRC.

Oh, one of the greatest movies I have ever seen thanks to IQ, Let The Right One In!

leaves of grass, all good things,


Please disregard the movie ‘Frozen’, unless you like watching wolves eat people falling off of ski lifts while frozen…


Watch the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. If you have flaky friends who think they are real artists because they can sell some of their horrible paintings or shitty jewelry at an art exhibit, make sure they watch this too. That doc is soo good, but you have to stick it out for the twist at the end. It totally makes it one of the best documentary’s ever.

Southbounders -its a movie about hiking the appalachian trail. Very good.

There are a few disco biscuits and moe. IQ"s aswell!

Dudes…I know no one ever listens to me, but if you’re ever going to, even just once, make sure you queue this documentary up sometime soon. It is completely baffling how little I knew about this man. Such a beautiful voice and a brilliant songwriter.

UHF is available for instant streaming.

I watched that a while ago… so so so awesome.

It actually made me watch the Robbin Williams Popeye afterwards, which is (or was) instant queueable. And, just as bad as I remembered.

Sons of Anarchy is on there, I burned through two season so quick… can’t wait for the third!

6 thumbs way up.

“There was nothing really as glorious as a good beer shit—I mean after drinking twenty or twenty-five beers the night before. The odor of a beer shit like that spread all around and stayed for a good hour-and-a-half. It made you realize that you were really alive.”
—Ham on Rye, 1982

I think you can watch all the episodes of Party Down on Netflix Instant.
Also, several Akira Kurosawa films for all you lovers of Japanese movies out there.

The only Star Trek I have ever watched is the new movie.

Now, it appears the entire series is on Instant Queue. I am 3 episodes deep, and enjoying it. Not calling myself a Trekkie just yet, but the cheesiness is so good.

Holy mackerel. The story of Jesco White, from the infamous White family of West Virginia.

One of the craziest endings I have ever seen in a movie.

Highly suggested, even if you have to find the rental somewheres.

Netflix has over the last few years managed to drive the video stores out of business for all intents and purposes, and admittedly, I’ve helped them do it because I found their services to be efficient and reasonably priced.

However, now that they have so much of the market cornered, they are ready to stick it to their loyal customers by raising their prices substantially. This increase isn’t so bad if you only buy one service or the other, the download or the delivery service. But if you want both, your monthly fee will increase by about 60%, and I don’t know if anything is worth that much of a jump.