Best phish album

i think that this is the best phish album (excluding TMWSIY ;D) who else is with me?

My vote has to go to Hoist… It is the first I heard, and what got that little hook in me to search for more.

my vote still goes to Story…sorry. I don’t have anything against lawn boy.

Hoist was my first album too, and it has it’s own sentimental value. Lawn Boy is just song after song of orgasms.

My favorite is Rift with a close second Round Room, I love the composition in songs like seven below and WOTC.

Lawn Boy is my right up there on my list, for sure. I don’t know If I could pick a favorite studio album, though.

But Lawn boy is great because EVERY SONG is great. Unfortunately, it’s a short record (9 tracks). And you can’t argue that Reba and Antelope are big, because My Sweet One, Oh Kee Pa, and Boucing are all short. But the album length is my only gripe over Lawn Boy. Fantastic album.

I think I heard that Trey does not like this album at all, even saying it’s “unlistenable.”
Of course the artist’s own opinions about their work are never the most objective so
I would take his comments with a grain of salt.

He had to have just not liked the production, because many of the songs were staples of the live shows.

Was gifted this cd from my sis, along with picture of nectar and ALO back in 99’ I still remember listening to this for the first time, was cruising to a friends place about 20 min from home and threw in lawn boy. The Coil got me going, trey’s guitar tone was what spoke to me first, as I am a guitar player myself, and then Reba slapped me in the face with its beautiful composition. Arriving at my friends pad, I couldn’t drag myself out of my car, so I didn

Yeah this isn’t my favorite Phish studio album, but it’s up there. I remember listening to the hell out of it during the summer of 2001. There’s nothing better than a stoned “Reba” and “Run Like an Antelope.”

I lost this about a year ago, and haven’t heard any of it since.

While waiting for my stuff to dry at the laundromat, I sauntered over to the local record shop to take a gander. Lo and behold I saw Lawn Boy, new, for $9.99. What a pick up…I forgot how clean Trey’s guitar sounds on “Reba” and “Run Like an Antelope”…majestic, soaring solos!! It just moved into my top-3 Phish stuido albums.

This album has always felt more scattershot to me than the other studio albums. Not bad, just not very cohesive.

I had first heard Junta in the fall of 89 and thought… “This phish stuff is slow, for now…” but…

Back in spring 93 we were partying on shrooms at a friends apt and someone threw this in… that was IT.

Now it all seems like a long lost dream.

Hoist, then Junta, hmm then i cant decide i love them all


Hmm…I’d have to go with Rift as my favorite just for the journey it takes you on. But Lawn Boy is a very very very close second for my favorite album. I remember sitting in my bedroom at age 14 rewinding Reba over and over again and trying to make sense of and write down the lyrics so that I could sing it correctly. :stuck_out_tongue: That was an ordeal of love right there. :wink:

Not my #1, but way up there for me. Solid album song-wise. The first I owned, on cassette (remember those?)

This is the one album of theirs that I listen to the least. And I love all the songs, some of the best stuff is on here. hmmm :think: Maybe I should give it a spin.

I listened recently for the first time in a good while and it is definitely a crucial Phish album, possibly the most crucial.

But, but Will!