Big Cypress Afternoon Set DVD

Torrent. Its up on The Trader’s Den.

Yea, nevermind, I really don’t recommend downloading it. The dude films the screen the whole time, I don’t know if there’s tall people in front of him the whole time or what, but there’s no film of the stage.

Suckage! I want my Cypress DVD! OFFICIAL RELEASE, NOW!

^i second that!!!

Let’s storm the archives, overtake security, beat up Shapiro, and take what we so DESPERATELY want!!!

[size=200]WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?![/size]

lights torch and pickes up pitchfork

ehh, what the hell, I’M IN!!

G420 rummages through closet and finds his trusty billy club

I’ve got my best girl searching out those SBDs.

and we’re coming for Miami!

guelah sharpens the spikes on his flail and runs out the door