So I go to school here in Beantown…i take the train its about an hour each way…and on tuesdays and thrusdays i have a class til 3 then another one at 7PM…so i have a nice little 4 hour layover here in the comp lab…anyways…please pardon my constant posting…its not my lack of a life…its my extreme amount of time on hand haha

but yeah so someone just throw me out a raging jam that i NEED to hear right now. im extremely bored…and i feel as if im the only one posting excessively right now lol

6-22-94, Set 2, pure, filthy, awesomeness.

ahh yes the gamehoister…good call

damn barely any OKP love…anyways off to class

HAPPY STUDIES! I"m on done for the semester and jsut got done disc golfing :stuck_out_tongue:

:sends OKP love:

listen to hampton!

do up some Roxy love…

^i’m so burnt on Hampton shows! :smiley:

The “Hard To Handle” from 1971-08-06.

Here, I up’d it for everybody.

I dare someone to say Jerry isn’t on another level for this jam.

::checks post with long face::

::sees OKP love!::

::packs a satisfaction bowl, and regains faith in OKP::

thanks guys i knew you were busy or etc. yeah i jsut started my 1st semester (summers so much cheaper) doing broadcasting, hoping to take over the ‘Gone Phishin’’ show from the JamOn XM station one day.

and when i do…

::devises evil setlist::

wow that hard to handle was DIRRTTT FRIGGIN MCGIRRTTT!

awesome upload man thanks

^^^Amazing! Just listened to that and it really hit the spot. Thank you!

Next time you’re bored at school, One would recommend you listen to Rock and Roll from Big Cypress.

Here’s a SBD version in case you don’t have one handy. :slight_smile:

Rock and Roll 12/31/1999

Be bored no longer my friend…12-06-73 will take you into the cosmos…The Boys conjure Shiva during this show, just balls to the wall Dead in my mind…And this was a Donna-Free show due to her pregnancy at the time…

Here Comes Sunshine is epic and the longest played (17min)

David Gans swears by this China>Rider

Dark Star is the 3rd longest played at 43min, 1st verse is at 24min!!!

Wow - that Hard to Handle is badass. Everyone is going nuts towards the end there. Would have been awesome to have been at that one

^ The crowd was rediculously loud that night. Give a listen to the Bertha and you can’t hear the drums the people were clapping so loud.

The Hard to Handle slayed that audience mighty good however.

Yeah I listened to that Hard to Handle, and it was pretty much the tits. I’m not as into the early 70’s as the late 70’s (yeah I know, you can shoot me now), but that was an awesome version of that. Don’t get me wrong, the early 70’s is great, but for the past few weeks, I’ve just been listening to May 77.

About this thread though, it’s funny, I used to have this two hour gap between classes at school, and the OKP was always the solution to my boredom during that time.

The link is still hot. Right on! Bertha to open happening now.

Those send space links…not so much.