Building a collection

Nugs for a good listeing collection! All good quality MP3’s and soundboards. There are also some really really dodgy AUD’s on there, so be careful. Stream first for quality assurance:

To start a legit collection for trading purposes though, you need to get a BitTorrent software client downloaded and start getting seeded shows in their SHN/FLAC formats in order to get the best quality sound and trading. All the deatils are here:

Most legit traders won’t trade MP3’s or multi generation copies. It’s complicated but it keeps the trade pool clean.

You can also get traders to get you started with Blanks and Postage requests. Just be sure to download two programs to decode the SHN’s & FLAC’s. I use FLAC FRONT END and Magical Jelly Bean SHN Shortener to make CD’s with the files. Also remember (for quality assurances as well as listening advantages) NEVER HIGH SPEED BURN CD’S and to get gapless seamless transistions between songs chapters, use software like NERO.

For those interested…


Magical Jelly Bean SHN Tool-

Port Forward to get maximum speed out of your router:

Gapless Plug in for Windows Media Player 9 ONLY(erases gaps between tracks in CD burning)-

You don’t need to get both FLAC Frontend and Jelly Bean, Trader’s Little Helper does both formats and several more.

But, if you’re more computer literate than most, check out foobar2000. (But, you must be willing to configure it!) I don’t have to use any tools to decompress shn/flac to wave, I can play them in fb2k, it has gapless playing by default, and you can convert them, and you can burn (again; gapless), and rip, and stream…

Here’s a review of several of the best bittorrent clients:

^ Good info! Thanks…

thanks a million guys, just got into bt.etree and nugs, it is amazing… I love the internet.

Plugins for Nero Burning Rom (allows you to burn Flac, Shn, and others)

Teh_Edit: It would probably be better to decrypt the shn’s to wav though, shn burns really slow.

I’m sorry, but that’s just ignorant. High speed burning can give you better results not worse. But, it’s all dependent on your burner and discs.

I wasn’t talking about quality. High speed burning actually can cause skips…no matter what you use. I have seen it on many different situatuions including a PROFESSIONAL STUDIO. How is that ignorant if I have actually SEEN IT in many different situations!!!

I think I angered you…sorry, totally wasn’t my intention…

But, still I have to disagree. The skips you heard were probably due to faulty equipment, or shitty blanks. I have never had a clean cd(one without scratches and dust) that I burned skip(I’ve done serious listening tests(I listened with both headphones, and high end stereo speakers) to see if the burn was successful and free of flaws). If skips occured were common on high speed burned cds, then I’m sure I would have heard about it somewhere else in my research(I read a lot of websites). The best advice I can give a person is to try burning at high speed first, and if you encounter problems(which you obviously did) then lower the burning speed incrementally, you will probably find that you do not need to lower the speed all the way, but can burn successfully at a mid-range speed.

(And I still stand by my statement that you are ignorant, you are assuming that the results you saw were widespread and common)

Don’t they call the malfunction “overburn?” It sounds like little pops or something. Super annoying, as I’ve had it happen on my folk’s computer…Never on my roomates comp. but definetely back at home…I have no idea why, all I know is that when I lower the speed it comes of sparkly and sweet.

Ditto. Both at home, at the 48-track digital studio I regularly use in Texas, and on my work computer. Most professional studio engineers burn at 24 or lower when making a take home copy to avoid skips.

Switch is a good program for converting, and it’s free.


is there some kind of blanks i should be looking for? is it like tape trading and if i don’t get XLIIs i will be shunned?

I use burrrn for burning cds, and trader’s little helper for converting flacs and shns to wave…

collection = done.

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