Can somebody help me find a Phish shirt??

I’m trying to find the logo of the Phish shirt where “Phish” is written out in antelope graphics. I have seriously been looking all day with no luck.

Can anyone help me??

what do you mean this “antelope graphics”

Each letter of P.H.I.S.H. looks like an antelope, but when you look at it closely, it actually says Phish.

I tried, but I couldn’t find it. Sorry.

:crazy: i still cant see it…in my mind

i created the PhanArt book and i never saw or heard of this shirt. sounds like a limited run Phish dry goods shirt. they rarely re-release

any new lot shirts or even old ones wind up on, with a big launch of stuff next week!

is it hard to tell that it says phish or easy to tell it says phish?

It was hard to read it as Phish until the guy walked up close to me.

I want to get an antelope tattoo…but I don’t like the antelope that’s on the yield sign. I want one that is a little more tribal looking and the antelopes on that shirt were perfect!

Ok, I think a moderator moved my thread to the “want to buy” section but I’m not looking to buy this shirt!! I just want the graphics!!!

i remember this shirt as well ill keep a look out for ya as well for the graphics…

Thanks buddy. I appreciate it!!

we’ll keep an eye out for it at PhanArt as well!

I have been looking for the Pete’s Wicked Ale “Trey’s Wicked Wail” shirt since I saw it at Deer Creek in 2000!

never seen that one tela, but another to keep an eye out for!