Character Zero


Great song. A lot of people bash this for being just a simple song, so it doesn’t do it for them but I always listen to this. Even if I am not listening to a show I just put this song on randomly. The solo, the chorus are just so awesome. AND I had this crazy teacher named J. Mulchaey so it makes me laugh too.

11/26/97 is the best example in my opinion.

That whole show just smokes, and the Charazter0 is prime example.

I recently got that show but havent had time to listen to it yet! I saw that that character zero is over 20 minutes!! What the fuck is that? should be interesting.
I just like the vocals on this part, especially at the end, when mike, page, and trey all do the crescendoes—you know ahhhhhhhh ba um ba um baaaaaaaaaaaaa (its so hard to write out something that has to be sung)
Anyway, I’ve said this before, but I really like the 96 versions of this song, when they end the song with the vocal part I just tried to describe. Halloween 96 is the best example of this.

Can take it or leave it.

I really like this song a lot. Love it on Billy Breathes and I think it really brings on the energy in a live format. I just don’t think it is a good show closer. I think it is a good second-last song, with the jam segueing into something else, but not on its own as a show closer.

this song is underrated. it’s pretty cool and always rocks it hard.

This tune was used PERFECTLY in Bittersweet Motel.

The wait… the wait… the wait… and then everyone rushes in to see Phish right when the chorus begins… Ansd then Trey go nuts

I was just thinking that the Other day when I watched Bittersweet, Will! That movie gives me the chills, the band is just so fun to watch.

I—I---want to see the man McNultYEm!

I basically loathe this song.

This was the first Phish song I ever heard and is what made me buy Billy Breaths thus getting me into the band. I was at a high school dance and the DJ was playing this shitty music. So a group of heads snuck over and put on this song when he was in the bathroom or something. Anyway come in from a smoke break and I remember being totally blown away. I will never forget it. This was also the song which closed the second set at my first show, so that was amazing. Anway needless to say this song has a special place in my heart.

Like this better with the vocal reprise at the end!!

this is a good tune, the one I have…

it’s classic, it’s just rockin’. Solid song.

whoa, i just heard this and it is most definately a very unusual zero; just bad ass!

i need to re-read greg’s review of this show post-haste!

Let’s here it for the Hero!

THE Phish song that I just can’t stand. Everytime it pops up on a disc-NEXT! I wish this song would go on extended, extended, extended hiatus so that maybe when it makes a return it will actually be welcome. Annoying chorus, predictable solo.

I think it rocks, in much the same way as Loving Cup does

nothing to complain about

They should try closing a set with this sometime

Both shows I saw in 2000 had this as a set closer, but none of the four PH shows contained any CH action. Hmmm.

That is all.