Check out my new band, AjamajA!

We are a Buffalo based jamband. Check us out. Just released everything last night. There are 3 original tunes up right now to listen to.

You should change the color of the text on the page. It is really hard to see over that picture. I’m not a graphic designer but red might be a better color to contrast the pic. Good luck and hope I catch a show one day if I get up to my alma mater. Spent many nights at Nietzsche’s and eating late night at Jims Steakout.

EDIT: Shit sounds really good! :thumbup:

Digging this, really like the vocals… good stuff.

Thanks a lot for the input on the site! I will pass that along. Gotta love Nietzsche’s, place is full of crazies hahaha. Hope you can make it up sometime!

Will- Thanks a lot man, that is me singing, the one song is a little different than I am used to. “A Bit To Long.” The other guitar player wrote it and I wrote the lyrics. He is really into MMJ and Pearl Jam.

Hope to catch you guys soon,spread the word if you can!


Again, I found a good source of information like this, thanks to it.

A random spammer led me here

I like it: