Crazy Story

This is going to sound like a crazy story but it happened. I live in a small town in central NY and was at this local Jazzfest inwhich Jon Fishman’s old drummer from Jamesville DeWitt High School played in the band. This is last summer by the way in like June. Well Fishman was in town to give this dude some award and stopped by this show to see his old instructor I guess. So like me and six other people shot the shiz with him for like 15 mins after the show. He said he hadn’t picked up his drumsticks since Coventry and was glad they didn’t ask him to play because everyone would probably think he sucked. Of course this was before the recent Utica incident which I was at where he played.He said he spends most of his time sheering and taking care of his Alpaca these days. I asked him if Phish was going to ever get back together and he said maybe in ten years. I didn’t get a picture with him but i did get a sig on the Applejazz Program. just thought I’d relay.

Did he offer you any Chili and was the drummer Bob Gullati?

^Cool story, but Alpaca?? WTF.


I don’t remember perfectly but Alpaca were mentioned I do know that

For some reason, Fishman strikes me as the guy least likely to want Phish to get back together. He certainly hasn’t done any music on his own lately. Mayhaps the fire in his belly has gone out?

don’t you say that. don’t you EVER say that!

jk, i have no idea. it’s possible i suppose.

He seemed to be into things for Boogie at Utica. But yeah when I talked to him he seemed like a hardcore family man now

^ Awesome story.

Still have hope though…

awesome, I love al pacas

^My thoughts exactly

man, Al Pacas still owes me on a Super Bowl bet from '99.

He totally seems like the kinda guy who owns Alpacas…

^^Damn that Al Pacas!!!

If that’s true though, about him not picking up drums sticks, it really shows how much of a job it became to them. and that’s not good… As long as he’s happy though… We still have kickass Phil and Friends shows to listen to in the meantime!

^That is really, really hard to fathom… I play guitar, and a few years back after a backpakcing trip the only thing i had on my mind was pickin…you’re right, moe, if it gets to THAT point, shit is backwards.

Well I guess he could have meant it like he hadn’t played a live gig in that long. He could have been exaggerating as well. I’m not sure

no man im not doubting you…its possible, and he might’ve just been exaggerating.



I know Fish has done stuff since June of last year. I saw him play in Berkeley, CA in mid October or maybe mid Sept. He’s also done other things and has future stuff scheduled. He has two young kids and just got married. I say let the dude get things out of his system lilke live a normal life for a while… Phish had a long solid career where they gave it ther all. Don’t worry, Fish will be back.