Desmond Jones - Band from Lansing, MI

Hi all. Here is a few links to the music of my friends, Desmond Jones. They play jam music, rooted in blues rock and psychedelia, none of the electro stuff. Anyway, they have good tunes, not overly polished, and not too afraid to be goofy. I think you here at OKP will dig them. I don’t listen to a lot of jam music besides Phish, because other bands don’t go type 2, or are too uptight on stage. And so many bands just solo and don’t even hook up. Not Desmond Jones. They’ll serve you fat type 2, make you laugh and dance, and you might even be impressed. I will link their bandcamp for their first album, which is good in its own right, but I want you all to check out some of the live jams. They really take off and serve you something besides noodly peaks. I hope you like this as much as I do.

Studio Album ---->

Live stuff ----> … -05_201407 (Check out “Dirty Mike”)
----> (check out “Ghosts in the Basment”)
----> (“Nesbit” and “Red” were great from my memory)
-----> (way type 2 on all of these)
-----> … nes_201404 (“Puree of Scorched Tomatoes” was a definite highlight.

My favorite songs are Damp as the Dew, Ghosts in the Basement, and Melt.

Anyway, I’m not just boosting my friends’ music for the sake of it; I really hope the OKP enjoys these guys because there is a lot of honesty, intellect, creativity, heart, and fun in the music, and I think it’s pretty transparent. I’d go to their shows even if they weren’t my friends, so let me know what you all think!


^I’ll check them out over the weekend. I’m always up for checking the local bands…hopefully they make it to the Detroit area sometime.

Desmond Jones’s first single “Dafungus is Amungus”. Released Saturday. Hope you enjoy OKP.

For those of you that use Spotify, could you “follow” my friends’ band? They need 250 follows to be considered a “real band”. Becoming a “real band” in the eyes of Spotify means that their music gets connected as suggestions and complements to other music, as well as appearing with similar artists on Spotify radio. 250 is not a huge number, but with it comes a lot of perks for them, so every person who follows counts here.

Here is the link. You will have to use your Spotify account or make one, which is actually a pretty good idea anyway, because it is a great tool. The radio is nice and free…but I’m digressing. Link ------> … edium=open