Do NOT Buy / Sell List

This is an informational list based on my own personal experience for people who have asked me to buy tickets for them and have not paid me back, for whatever reason.

It will serve as a warning to anyone on the forum in case they ask you to do the same, and then either disappear or for whatever reason do not pay you back.

As a courtesy to these scumbags (though they did not show me the same courtesy) I will wait at least 1 YEAR before blacklisting these people.

Sam Hill aka S.Hill 88: 1x SPAC + 1x Greatwoods, Summer 2009

Liz Barth aka cactus queen: 1x SPAC + 1x Greatwoods, Summer 2009

I will continue to add / update to this list as my 1-year grace period matriculates. If you do not want to make this list, PAY ME NOW. I am sick of trying to get in touch with people who have ASKED me to buy them tickets and then not pay. This is ridiculous!

Sorry to hear that this happens. You’re so great at getting people tickets and organizing meetups for the 'Pa. Keep rocking it Pei-Yi!

Wow that is terrible. I am really sorry to hear that people have yet to pay you back. That is super shitty.
Hope you make it to Darien, would be great to see you again!!!

How does a grace period “matriculate”? :slight_smile: If you need a hand, I’ll hold a foot and help shake a leg to get their spange! :angel: Fuck the fucking fuckers!

I’ll admit, I had to look up the word matriculate. And, after seeing the definition, I still have no idea what it means… to enroll in a college? :question:

But anyways, as unfortunate as it is, I’d be lying if I said I was surprised.

In Super Bowl IV, American football coach Hank Stram wore a microphone on the sidelines as part of the television broadcast, and was caught telling his Kansas City Chiefs, "Just keep matriculatin’ the ball down the field, boys," referring to the process of moving the football toward a score. Since that time, and especially after Stram’s death in 2005, sports commentators have used the phrase “matriculate the ball down the field” in this sense. However, this use of the word is unrelated to any other known use of the word.

So. The football is like time? And it MATRICULATES towards the goal? Which is really a deadline to blacklist them? Wait! Does Sean get to punt?
I hope they pay you.

This is really unfortunate, I expect more from the Pa’eoples!

So if there isn’t even acknowledgement of this thread, one year after being on the list be a bannin’.

I think I’m friends with said but munches on FB.

Want me to inquire Pei?

^ Thanks Brett. Well it’s not like a few other FB people hasnt already ‘help remind’ these two. Always excuses or ‘Oh Yea I’ll call her’ and of course, nothing. Or more reasons why in over this huge span of time when they are buying other concert tickets and goodies that this money has not found its way to me. And when I do get in touch with one of them, it’s excuses and promises to pay but, guess what? Nada.

Liz has changed her number and basically insists that she has ‘already sent a check to NJ’ though no proof of said canceled check exists, nor was she ever eager to follow up on this.

Bottom line, you are welcome to push these kids on FB if you’d like. I’m not confident anything is going to come of this. The fact that neither of them has logged back on to OKP in like a year is reason enough for me to believe they are just going to dodge this forever.

Can i push them in real life? Like, on the ground? :smiling_imp:

We should shove the whole word “matriculate” in the middle of the word Hampton, you know, instead of just that extra R that’s so much fun. Hamatriculateptron. Nah, nevermind, looks like a sandwich that’s difficult to order.

So, are these two a couple or something? Like the Bonnie and Clyde of Phish Tickets?



I totally DE-FRIENDED them on facebook.

Yeah, I went there.

So Im sitting in the Newark Airport with Matty (Fundirector23) catching our flight back to Chicago after SBIX and he checks his Facebook to see that Sam Hill had posted about what a great time he and his friends had at SBIX…What a fucking ASSHOLE!!!

If you are friends with him on FB let him know that he is a piece of shit fan and needs to pay for his tix that people buy for him (it’s been 2 fucking years!!!)

Tell this doucebag that he needs to stop burning folks when he obviously has the $$$$…If he has any issues, tell him to contact me personally, I would love to talk to him… :angry:

:angel: Fuck the fucking fuckers!

It certainly sucks that there has to be a thread like this on here, but alas. Sooooo many good people. If you owe someone on here for a ticket, just fucking pay. If you don’t, and want to be a douche bag, then DO NOT post on here or FB about how much fun you had at a show or plan on having at an upcoming show.

@Will–One year for a banning? How about a one MONTH!! This shit just fucking irks me. No good deed goes unpunished I guess. :wtf:

sCUM bags.

Should we add a new category to this…like who will actually show up and who won’t? :laughing: