Do NOT Buy / Sell List

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Let’s back up here for a moment, Mr. Fone…YOU WERE IN CHICAGO FOR TOYOTA PARK AND YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME A FREE HOMETOWN TICKET? Or even buy me some drinks? I am hanging out on the wrong forum…peace y’all.


I had a ticket for the 29th MSG, but still swindled Fone AND Pei out of free tickets. I mean, a guy needs a place to rest his feets, y’know?

I wish I had gone to that show.

When the presale was announced, I offered to try to get tickets for people on the OKP. I managed to score tix for a number people, most of whom paid for them. It’s a shame that this happened with Adam, because I never made that offer again.

Although the majority of folks here on the Pa appreciate and respect those who help them get tickets, there will always be that small percentage who, for WHATEVER the reason, BURN those who help them.

Just like fone said above, after being burned once, one is not likely to offer a second time.

Why should we continue to make that leap of faith?

It’s a shame because some folks have explicitly asked me to get them tickets to shows and I’ve had to say “NO” where 2 years ago I would have said “YES.”

Unfortunately this creates a situation where responsible, respectable, and deserving folk will miss out on ticket help, due to the short list of folks listed in the previous posts of this thread who have burned others.

Aw, come on. One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl.

That’s true, Kev, and if you contacted me and asked me to try to get you tickets, I would. And there are quite a few other people that I would also do that for. But I won’t make open offers anymore.

I’ve only needed help with one ticket, and Pei came through quicker than I ever imagined.

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Oh Kee Pa Powers Activate! Form of… Hetty Vibes!

lol! feckin’ superfriends. yeah I’m not blaming anyone for tightening teh reins, mainly just saw the obvious jackson5 reference.

Adam paid me back for summer '10 money I spotted him…I just had to threaten him

Just kidding

This thread is weird. Make people paypal you beforehand or something if yer sketched…idk. I only hook up tix to people I actually know well.

Well I have ALWAYS paid back and have tried to help as many people on the Pa as possible (never been burned). I would hope if I needed some help…the Pa would come through again.

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I have no idea why I found this comment so funny

Sooooo…who’s ready to buy Matty some tickets? :laughing:

Don’t make your way on to this list, schmucks!

How do you pronounce that last name?


So I was searching for a soundboard of that legendary, fiery behemoth, the 12/2/95 Tweezer, and what did I find? The soundcloud of a Mr. SHill. Hosting a sbd of that jam. Of course he didn’t make it available for download. Just an awful person all around, it appears.

He is truly a shill.

I have to go take a Shill. :problem: