Anyone here use dropbox? I posted in the show trading forum about another app I’m trying, cause it has no limits and everything’s free and it seems like it could be better than dropbox someday… but dropbox seems to be what people use the most right now.

Only 2 gb free, but that’s not terrible. There are rumors that Google is making a Google Drive, too. That could be great, especialy if they offer the kind of space they did for Google Music.

Anyone do this cloud sharing stuff? Seems like the way to go for sharing shows and shit. Here’s a linky for the dropbox, if anyone cares: db.tt/EUtWMZnU

Share on! :thumbup:

I dont like how dropbox makes you refer your friends to get more memory / storage space for yourself.

I signed up just so my friend can get an additional 0.5gb of storage for his thing. I have never used it.

^Yeah, I signed up like a year ago or so and forgot about it. But with all this file sharing stuff going down, I’ve gone back to it… but I’m still really interested in finding out if this share thingee works well. That way there’s no need to worry about storage or paying or anything like that. I just like to be able to send people big files without using my work server to do it.

I’m holding out that Google Drive is awesome. I kind of hate mediafire and all the megaupload equivalents.

So, now on top of Dropbox, this new company… just plain old “box” is giving 50 free gb for life to anyone that logs in from their android. It’s pretty sweet, but I think there are some major file size restrictions, so I’m not sure how easy it is to share a whole show… maybe though! box.com/

EDIT: yeah it’s a 100mb per file size limit. up to 50 gb. still pretty good.