DVD : 12/29/03

I have this downloading off of thetradersden.org …If a few more people jump on and download it, I am sure we could get it out to everyone on here who needs it by 12/29/05…Who else is downloading this?

I wish I was downloading it. Care to trade once you have it done? I have just received 7/11/00 and 6/11/95 from ____. Let me know.

oh no…the cats out of the bag…I would delete that message if I were you Will…I pm’d you.

Well, I would delete it. But I also have individual threads for them. Along with every other DVDs I have for trade. And still… I have not been bombarded with requests for anything.

That’s crazy man…crazy.

Thats the reaction I have gotten from people I have told.

I’m downloading, its estimating about another day before I have it. But I still lose my internet connection when I get a good speed, so it may take longer. And if anyone knows any way for me to keep the connection from breaking so I can download stuff faster, itd be much appreciated.


Will - you have 7/11/00 discs or DVD? I’d be MORE than willing to do a B&P for any DVDs you might have.

WOW!!! Mine just finished downloading, outstanding video quality, widescreen, great sound. Very nicely done. I’m out of town for the weekend but send me PM’s if youve got the goods to trade.


widescreen? this is a team hood dvd?

what the hell is going on here?

Still waiting…

It doesn’t say team hood anywhere, but I havent put it on disc yet, so it may very well pop up before the menu. Each disc has 3 different audio sources, which you can choose from before it takes you to the menu. It looks good though, there’s people dancing in front of the camera during a few parts so it gets a little shaky when the filmer moves the camera, but its good. I’ll be putting these on disk today.