DVD: 12/31/03 ... Who has it?

I have the second set.

Have 2nd set

I have the 2nd set as well.

set 3 is out there…i sent it out personally

Bump. I have no one that wants a copy of set two from me. But I would be willing to trade something for set three. Have not seen it (or evern heard it), so if you got it, PM me.

I did have set II I believe, but it wasn’t compatible w/ my player, so I sent it to Paranoid. He said he has blanks and a burner.

Anyone want to comment on the quality of these vids?

I was at this show and recall seeing a guy with a handheld cam walking on stage at various times (mainly during set 3 as memory serves) From my vantage point it looked like a student from Palmetto Senior High (the school marching band that performed)

Not too long ago i chatted with a collector who had all three sets… he said the quality was poor.

I have the second set. It is great video, above-average audio. These are not on-stage however. They are from two different views from the audience. One directly to stage-right and from above. The other same side/height, but farther back into the crowd.

I like it a lot. The side view is amazing to watch these guys play. The further back camera is great to get the lights.

quality = stellar…i think anyways.

I’ve got set II, as ghost said. And I’ll trade for any other DVDs.

so paranoid…whats yer take on the quality?

Got it today, so I’m gonna watch it tonight.

The DVD plays in my computer, but not on my DVD player. Will now use geeky skills to rectify!


I’m gonna try and reconnect with the dude who had all three sets. This was such a memorable show for me. I still listen to set 1 on a regular basis-- not neccesarily the greatest jams, but MONSTER energy. (probably my fave post-hiatus YEM as well)

RE: Sound quality–I cant understand how someone will Final Cut doesnt just mix in the sounboard audio. Is this taboo?

Geeky powers prevailed!!
After along and arduous battle, that included much screaming and throwing of discs, I know have a made a copy of the disc and it works!!
Oh glorious Phish! I can see you once again!! The show is amazing, in picture and sound! There are few demerits, all on camera angles. The worst demerit; why can’t Page be seen for the first part of Lawn Boy?

ghost, since I had the same problem as you, but fixed it, do you want a copy of the working dvd?
And I think you have the right to kick whoever sent you the disc.

Are you sure it was the DVD itself? It is probably my DVD player, it is rather bulky and old-looking. I know the DVD works because I watched it at work on a laptop…but if you did make some sort of change, hell yes I’d like it!

Yes, it was the disc itself, the disc you sent me didn’t work in my dvd player, I put the dvd on my hard drive, fiddled with it, burned a new disc, and it worked. I didn’t send you the show today because I thought you would probably want the dvd back, so I’ll mail it tomorrow.

sounds good, bro