embedding photos/video?

I cannot seem to get it to work. I see others doing it…What gives?

You use the ‘[youtube]’ code. For examples I put this link between [youtube] video here [/youtube] (without spaces) and then you get …

awesome! Thanks.

No choice in videos for teaching, lol… :wink:



how would you post non you tube videos? i was trying to post this in jawbones lady gaga thread.


there was an embedding code but it didn’t work.

I think we’d have to choose an option for embedding videos in comments, not sure. I will look into it!

FYI, youtube has changed the shared link format and it would be awesome if this site could recognize the urls so we can use them with the handy OKP youtube tags.

Basically, the old links look like this: youtube.com/watch?v=hY5OrYJz2ek

And the new links look like this: youtu.be/hY5OrYJz2ek

It is much easier nowadays to copy and paste the latter… so it would be great if OKP youtube tags recognized it! :sunglasses:


Where you copy the youtube UNDER the video, click more options, and “show long link”.

Other than that, don’t know what to say.

^Well, what you did say was actually quite helpful, I never noticed that!

Thanks, William!

I don’t remember what was so funny to me above.

But, really, I’m so confused. No videos appear
on my phone anymore. Some pictures don’t show. I feel like a meteor in space that wishes its orbit was a little more with it.

It seems like any time I decide to do anything technological, whatever I’m using is out of date and takes 14,000 hours to download. Fek!

I’m over it. I just wanna know how to watch the clifford ball clips and then go about my normal life. Is that possible without having to sit on my phone for days so a healthy, perfect little phone-baby hatches from it? I mean, I know these things are advanced and make things “easier” but Shmesus Frist…

I’m not trying to sound like a spoiled little brat, but these things are so complicated and seem to know everything. I think they should know how to recognize the videos my pals on the ohkeepa post. Good freaking grief. My dinosaur computer probably recognizes them. I dunno. I don’t have time to use it…

I did it mine always looks like this:

What am I doing wrong?

I just read dooj’s answer.


Thanks dude!

Shit its still wrong!

It has to be the full YouTube link, and without the S after HTTP.