Ernie/Trey t-shirts available soon!

Ever see the Ernie/Trey Anastasio t-shirt? … _shirt.jpg

They’ll be available for purchase in about 2 weeks.

We’ll have a variety of sizes and colors available in short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts.

Watch our Facebook page for updates. … 0381057535

I will be ordering an XL fo-sho! Very cool!

Thanks Moma Dave!

We are officially 1 week away from making them available for purchase.

If you haven’t already, please Like our Facebook page and we’ll keep you up to date on where you can find them and when! … 0381057535

Ernie/Trey shirts are now available through eBay!
Just search “ernie trey shirt” and you’ll find our listing.

Very cool! Just ordered one :smiley:

I saw you get lambasted on week4paug. Those guys can be so cruel!