etree picks

tried to find an old thread with etree in the subject but no luck… i figured we could keep a thread going for comments on shows that are up at etree.

when you suggest a show give some specific quality info regarding that source. if there’s a really good show up but the quality sucks, just make note because i often download shows for a one time listen if its, as they say, “sick.”

anyway, i’ll start it off with the 12.16.99 thats up right now (labeled “mystery patch” - its an unknown aud) . after the adjustment in the first few seconds of chalkdust its a really full sound. mike comes through nicely, page is a bit quiet but in general, a top notch recording (no chatter and “in your face” sound). the highlight is the tweezer (22 minutes) which after some thumping funk turns into a slave-like jam.

im leeching that 12/4/96 show right now and im excited to give it a listen. i remember reading 3 or 4 reviews on it a long time ago and its been on my wanted list for quite a long time! :slight_smile:

yeah i was wondering about this one… there’s a sbd of the second set int he database… not sure why it hasn’t been seeded along with this one. let me know how it sounds… the mike’s>caspian could be cool. and timber, bowie, life on mars taboot.

this isn’t phish but i just grabbed both the tod snider sets up at etree… i saw him a year or so ago opening for yonder and had a great time watching him do his thing. he’s a great songwriter. anyway, had completely forgotten about him until i saw these shows… i definitely recommend grabbing the matrix recording. the guys from yonder sit on for tunes here and there… and todd is just doin his thing. folk songs with stories… can’t beat it.

by the way the in house vocals are low for the first 45 seconds… but it sounds really nice after that. any hard to hear diologue is just todd stepping away from the mic.

um…whatever that is up there^^^…

but the 7.22.97 is still up…at least when i last checked…i dont think i need to comment on that one…

and i suggest pulling the 11.11.96 from grand rapids, MI…holy f-ing sheep shit…i LOVE the tweezer so much…so SO SOOO much…take it immediately…

you will not be dissapointed by either.

a matrix version of the select broadcast tunes from 11.2.96 is up right now… if you don’t have this you need to get it. the whole thing is great. i have the pre-fm feed and it sounds amazing… snatch it while the seeds are hot!

While you’re at it, get the Lesh and Friends late night set from Vegoose…3 sets starting at 12 am and ending and 5 am…Lesh still has it! There are over 200 seeds on it, you’ll get it in a matter of hours! But that matrix of the Crosseyed Antelope would be pretty sweet too! I love etree!

yeah that crosseyed antelope is the shit
and if you dont already have it 11/2/98 just got reseeded and i think we all know what that is! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i really would like for them to start up fall 97, that project was going super fast and then it just like stopped. easier said than done i guess.

i’m also loving alot of the 99 shows being seeded right now, because my 99 collection is pretty pathetic. i heard they did a project 99 like 2 years ago but i guess i missed it. i started using that sight when they had just started on fall 95.

I started when they started Summer '95 and yeah those '99 shows are taking up way too much space on my harddrive…and now with Vegoose…I want them to hold off on fall '97 for a little bit, so I can make some room and get every show from that tour…

800 gigs baby ;D

^^^ you bass-tid

oh, my friends… the 8.12.93 that just went up is a beaut. its one of those fobs that rivals sbds of the day. full sound… up front… very minimal chatter… whoever put this one together knew what they were doing. i can’t comment on the show itself as i’ve only listened to the first track but it is an august 93… and in true form to that tour second set opens 2001>landlady>tweezer>landlady>tweezer.

Thanks for the heads up. Downloading it now.

so 11.1.05 for gordon/kottke is up and the reason i mention it is because they play twist… and it is so cool. takes the audience by surprise but by the end they are singing the back-up parts to mike’s lead. really fun to listen to… leo even gives a chuckle at how well the audience does with the back-up vocals.

its an aud, but they were able to set up on stage, so the audience chatter (that is often a problem at these shows) is minimal. (although i hear everyone has gotten much better at controling themselves than the first couple tours. :wink: ) in any case… you can hear the room to a small extent but the music is up front and clear… and it is very listenable. one of the best gordon/kottke auds i have heard.

great banter about fish climbing on top of the tourbus while they were traveling though germany in the rain too…

listening to 8-10-97 and the disease is absoluetly incredible. perfect time for a dwd at just under 12 minutes because the energy is always there. which, to me, is what disease is all about. damn this disease is so fucking good. maybe of my favorites ive heard. anybody else heard this one. also a solid soamelt and really spacey bowie. doesnt get started until around 8:30 really. also got solid cities and gtbt covers. check this shit out and give me some feedback on that dwd!

That whole show is super tight. Certainly one of my favorite live phish experiences, and my first time at Deer Creek. I love the second set, but the DWD is also a highlight. the SOAMelt is one of my favorite versions as well. I really need a new copy…I only have it on XLII’s.

well its on etree right now but if you dont want to download it we can always trade

Aud versions of shows are getting sooooooooo professional sounding!!!

Great show. Great sound. Impressive music!