exile on main st ste???

I’m looking for the exile on main st ste from this past 10/31/09…someone posted the bit torrent link but I’m totally clueless on how do utilize and execute such a download…I tried to download it but got an error message saying my windows 7 doesn’t support the format and some shit about having to do with my codecs…I just want to download the f—ing show and make a f—ing cd… some help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Here is a f—ing mediafire link. Can you f—ing unzip zipped files?


thanks I think I got it

lol. :clap:

I got it thank you…is there any mp3 files of shows though? THat winrar is a f—ing pain in the a–…

Here ya go:

livephish.com/live-music/0,5 … io-CA.html

$12.95 for the whole show. What you lack in computer skills, you can make up for with $$$. :wink:

I’ll just listen to it for you too… :silent:

:unamused: wow…


Exile Street is for sale? :wave:

SOLD!..to the man in blue. :thumbup: