Favorite guaranteed phish song moment

Most Phish fans know that there is a part in most of their
songs that the lyrics, and the basics end, and the main improv begins. Most songs that I know of, and have heard @ shows have @ least one particular moment that you can always count on that touches a chord in you or is just musical candy…for instance:

Like the piano crash @ the beginning of Bathtub Gin.

The Piano roll ascend @ the end of AC / DC bag

The beginning of Cavern

Piano roll @ the start of chalkdust

Carnival music @ the start of Esther

The many builds @ the end of Bowie different, but always know it’s coming

Brian and Robert all alone the life you lead a silent diner where you feed bow your head pretend to read
this one is for you.

Keyword in Makisupa policeman

Piano tumble @ the start of Forbin’s

Glide: And we’re glad glad glad that you’re alive
And we’re glad glad glad that you’ll arrive
And we’re glad glad glad glad glad glad glad

Coming out of the haze in Guyute:
I’m bouncing like a newborn elf
I can’t remain inside myself
Guyute glances in my eyes
and manages to hypnotize

The start up of Horn

I saw you
With a ticket stub in your hand

The part in Hood @ the start of the song when the song bends …weird

Uncle Ebenezer part in the freezer in Tweezer.

Pause in Divided Sky

End of Maze

When Page gets up to sing Lawn Boy

Snoring in lengthwise

Start of Mikes Song

We breathe deep
in a steam dream
and plunge below the water line
down, down, down
between beams
to the gloom room
among the seaweed and the slime
down, down, down

Screams in Steep

The tropical start of both Fee and Mango song

Piano roll to start by pagey in water in the sky

Vocal jam in YEM

Start of Moma dance

When the Famous Mockingbird takes off in flight

Freebird “change part”

The kindly melody @ the start of Mcgrupp

The hits in Possum " strobes"

The chord breaking of Trey @ the start of PYITE

Start up of Sloth

Piano solo @ the end of COIL…


I can’t believe you didn’t put the Nirvana portion of YEM
When Mike kicks in his vocals again in Scent of A Mule
Crazy bass at the beginning of Weekapaug Groove

Shit there’s way too many to name.
Let’s just say any moment of any phish show.

first hit of tube

the “buh, duh buh, duh buh, duh” of mike’s bass at the beginning of the reba jam

drums at beginning of 2001

pages piano in the first parts of divided sky (always makes me smile)

hearing the organ slowly creep in for Hold Your Head Up


Fishman ending LimbxLimb by himself


harry hood ending

when everything gets quiet and you hear trey swell in with his whammy pedal (ex: gotta jibboo from 7-29-03)

piano for drowned

beginning guitar for mountains in the mist and tela

everyone screaming “ALRIGHT!” in Rock and Roll

“But from that vantage point i frowned”

Page’s cheesy horn synth organ on meatstick

The ending chord of any song sung a capella

Thats all for now…i’m sure theres tons more

I know what your saying, I was just generalizing them…I realize for each of these moments there is a moment…
but anyways it was worth a shot …thats why phish is gone … people like you are so f^%$#^ing critical…
to my only reply…

People like me are critical?! you’re the one trying to pull apart great phish compositions into good parts and bad parts, my only comment was that there are no bad parts, so fuck off.


When Mike drops into DWD out of ambient feedback


Trey’s melody at the end of Moma Dance


Piper. All of it.


Yeah, there’s a whole heap of 'em.

no need for arguing. we all know that phish has great moments, and then spectacular moments (see list above). I particularly love the opening piano chords (?) of Wolfman’s!

chill out! PHISH last i saw there all still human. we all make mistakes, just be glad some of us seen phish, and at not of the 30 or so shows i seen, not once did critizize them.

The Timeless Art of Seduction

I am sorry this thing got taken out of context for Golden road…I was just trying to add a thread that has not been discussed much yet…thats …I realize no nned to fight…HELL I must have shared alot of smoke with you cats over the years …Peace >)))">

when mike gets funky in free

LETS KEEP EM COMIN…enough with the arguments

Intro to Maze and Bowie and all the confusion over which it will be.

That slide guitar intro to Funky Bitch.

Fishman : “I’m gonna pack my suitcase and GOOOOOOOOOO” (Blue & lonesome)

Page’s organ roaring in Tweezer Reprise.

Been you to have any spike, mon?

trey’s pedal steel bend at the very beginning of farmhouse

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (daniel saw the stone)

the vocal harmony on “things on my mind” in the pebbles and marbles chorus

OOOH what a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz

Oh Kee Pa into Suzy, and the very little space in between the two

Jams named after cities

Japanese lyrics

Page’s piano fills in weigh

page softly playing his way out of train song (ex: 11-17-97)

When you realize that everyone in the band is playing an entirely different time signature in Taste

“let’s get this show on the road”

more to come i’m sure

end of i am hydrogen, and the little pause before weekapaug kicks in

When 20 minutes later you realize that they’re still playing Wolfman’s…

the climax in hood (you can feel good)

the end of harpua

rye rye rocco

when fish kicks brother


when page starts vultures

is this a picture or otis redding? YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES

we’ve got saxaphone in the band

When First Tube drops into the A major chord

Marco Esquandoles!

the crescendo in “fluffhead” near the end when they yell “FLUFFHEEEEEEAAAAAADDDDD, YEAH!”

The buhbuh buhbuh buhbuhhh bass drop in Reba which leads into the whole ending section.

The part in Mockingbird at the beginning where it goes from Trey playing that little intro loop into the whole band joining in and stopping!

In the studio version of Ghost, I love it when Mike’s slap kicks in, magic.