FINAL: 11/17/1997 Denver VS 04/03/1998 Island Tour

The best Phish show is…

  • 11/17/1997 Denver
  • 04/03/1998 Island Tour

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Finals vote!

No question in my eyes, '98.

i dont think either one of these shows belongs here, but if i have to choose, Denver is a better show to me…


You mean that these are not EVERYBODIES favorite??? OMG SUXORZ.



'98 FTW.

Oh snap. Denver was the best show EVAH. Finally a best-of tournament that reflects the ultimate truth of reality.

Roses FTW!

IsLaNd ToUr

Eleven Seventeen Ninetyseven

um, voted for the Island tour show for BEST PHISH SHOW :think: :eh:

maybe this thread should be changed to “best phunk jams show”
these are two great shows, but i prefer shows that go beyond the the depths of the phunk.
I’m very :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: that it came down to these shows.

I say we start all over.

Agreed, I think. Just don’t know whether another go round will produce any different results, ie, the “best Phish show”. That’s like trying to hold the air that you breathe in your hands.

For what it’s worth, either one of these could be the best Phish show for all that it matters.

“best phish show according to 25 or .000005% of phish fan base”

8/20/93 ftw

You all sound like you want me to call the amberlamps.

There were alot of great shows in the tournament, I didn’t have any problems with the ones that made it, just not sure how we got to this point.

like before only reg two set shows…all NYE ,Halloween, Festivals, and DENVER SHOWS :wave:
are excluded…

Well, I’ve been joking about this but I do have to say what has been said in all these tournaments. It’s a fun way to waste time. No great truth about life will be revealed and this is far from scientific research. You always see the same type of complaints whenever someone makes a Best Of List like Rolling Stones top 100 albums or whatever.

That being said, in the pantheon of Phish fans I’m probably at average to above average enthusiasm/dedication level. I’ve seen Phish like 75 times and I saw some classic shows… Murat '93, Dayton '97, 12/29/94, Big Birch '94… and some good ineligible ones… Clifford Ball, Went, Halloween '95, Cypress… I’ve listened to a lot of recorded Phish over the years but I don’t feel the need to analyze it all to intensely or really focus on it on a collector level.

And without a doubt Denver '97 was my favorite live Phish experience… I remember it more vividly than any other show including all those Big Ones. I know most of that has to do with me and how I experienced it, but I’ve got to say, no matter how you criticize it or analyze it, it was fucking awesome.

The complaint I often hear is that it’s too repetitive, or too chilled out, but to me it was a real non-stop dance party. It was the most continuously blissful show I ever saw and was in no way boring… it’s peaks were plenty intense. The energy was so balanced and perfect. Plus, it’s really just the first set that’s seems chilled out. It’s funny, I haven’t listened to this in years… maybe I will.

Denver and 12/7/97 were probably the most “perfect” shows I ever saw.

It seems like the Island Tour show is more popular and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t beat out Denver in the end.

If I had my pick of what show best represents the essence of Phish, I’d probably go with 12/30/93, but I’m no expert. :slight_smile:

:laughing: I knew this thread was going to be full of complaints, but I guess that’s to be expected when dealing with a tournament entitled “Best Phish Show Ever”.

Island Tour is my answer out of these two. Not my personal favorite show, but I believe that the Island Tour as a whole was some of the best playing Phish ever did. It had all the elements: frantic craziness (Antelope for example), “cowfunk” (lots), and everything in between. I can easily pick out an Island Tour version of something if I hear it because it’s so unique. So I don’t think it’s that much of a travesty that 4.3 made it to the final. It’s definitely in my top 5 shows ever.

PHISH ftw!