Free Trey Princeton Show @

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i wish there was like a thanks or a karma button or something.

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Wish I was at this show, but got shut out on tickets.

:thumbup: great, great stash and a very fun Wolfman’s w/ trey on piano, before he jumps to the guitar.

me loves some free downloads :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! :thumbup:

Listened to this last night, very awesome. The Divided Sky is worth the price alone! Some throw away tracks… but I don’t think I will throw them away. Great Glide story as well.

I quite enjoyed this as well. I really loved stash and divided sky… those are some great musicians playing with Trey. Some of it reminded me of that “Gone Phishin’” bluegrass album, which I love.

In some spots, the mix is a little strange. Like when Trey is playing those quiet, sporadic notes during divided sky it seems like he’s turned up way too loud. You can hear him playing in a way that attempts to blend with the other instruments, but he’s so much louder in the mix that it sounds a little strange, IMO.

Good stuff, though… and freeeeeeeeee! :thumbup:

Been listening to this a lot lately. I really like this set.
Greyhound Rising might be favorite.

I’d love Trey to do an acoustic tour. Play symphony centers, halls, etc.
It would be great to hear acoustic versions of some other tunes as well.
I think you can hear how truly great Trey’s compositions are with a chamber group.

just finished Divided Sky… simply amazing.

just listened to this for the first time.

so choice.

what a gift!

Divided and Stash are incredible as well as probably definitive versions of Let me Lie and Summer of 89 (finally placed in their ideal environment). And all the other songs are well…just lovely.

thanks, Ernie! :thumbup:

Almost 10 years later and your wish has come true!