Funktional Flow back at Sarah St Grill in Stroudsburg,PA!!

July 27th we will be back at Sarah St Grill in Stroudsburg,PA!!! 2 Full Sets from 10pm-2am!!!
Hope to see some OKP’ers there!!!

Hey man, so while I was out last night I was talking to a friend of mine who works at B.B. Kings and we were talking up upcoming bands, and he specifically was saying that your band, Funktional Flow was really rockin and had great unique jams and that you guys would be the ones to watch in the upcoming years. He also said that you guys were a really nice humble group of dudes, which is always good! Anyway, I was really pleased to hear this buzz and pass it back to you! Can’t wait to check you guys out the next time you come to NYC!

Wow, that is awesome! We really appreciate it! We have been trying our asses off!!! You get a few great gigs and then shit for a while and then it comes around again. We are trying to get to different areas this Fall, we will be back in NYC in the Spring!!! Really can’t thank you enough for responding!!!

Was it Pat or Jesus that you know???

No problem! Its always great to hear good things about things I read about on the Pa. It was Pat who I was talking to.

Awesome! Pat was really chill to us there!
We had a blast leaving the second night through all the labrynths they have in that place!