Jeff Chimenti * John Kadlecik(Fake Jerry from DSO) * Jay Lane * Joe Russo

This is a new band that formed and are only slated to play a few shows in CA but it has some potential, no?!

I’d check’em out right quick I tells ya

i saw this last night and nearly pissed myself out of excitement, in my opinion, a way better line-up than the dead with warren. also, this has gotta be the first time (or one of the first times) that a band has recruited a member from a tribute band of themselves. also, the fact that phil is changing his website makes me think that this band is pretty serious. i am pumped!

oh this looks fucking sick!

Looks promising…

Let’s hope Bob lets Phil have some real direction with what they play and the arrangements so this doesn’t turn into something kinda boring like Ratdog.

Jerry from DSO? Really? I thought Phil hated DSO.

I wish they would bring Rob Barracco back instead of Chimenti, but still, Joe Russo on the drums? That band is gonna fucking own. Maybe they’ll bring Gene Ween out for a song or two at some point. (Joe Russo plays drums with the Gene Ween band these days).

Evidently according to the chatter on the Dead & Phil boards, Bobby & Phil wanted to continue playing together after the chemistry of The Dead tour, but Billy wanted out. So that may very well have been the final Dead tour. Billy can’t stand Bob evidently and the tour solidified that sentiment, and Mickey wants to do other things in life. So hence, a “new band”.

I know this definitely isn’t true. Yes recently did it when their singer got ill, Judas Priest did this back in the 90’s when Halford left and various Queen tribute singers have sung with Queen up until they paired with the dude from Bad Company. Just saying…


^ Yes (the band) did exactly the same thing last year to get a vocalist to temporarily fill in for Jon Anderson while he’s recovering from a respiratory illness. The replacement vocalist came out of a Yes tribute band.

i’ll start getting excited for this as soon as they make their way east. looks awesome. glad to see they ditched warren. chimenti is awesome. he plays brent’s b3 onstage :slight_smile:

I wonder if the Dead elitists will call this a money grab. I know one thing - tickets better not be $100.

Just on the curious, what’s with the hatin on Warren in The Dead? Just his role in that band? His style of playing? Fashion sense or lack thereof?

i hope this lineup pans out and they make it out east, otherwise i hope for some a new phil and friends lineup and tour

well, i certainly dont hate on warren, but i think most people dont think his blues style fits well with the dead.

Warren Haynes is pretty fucking awesome

Didn’t Van Halen have a tribute band lead singer for a while?

^ That’s what I was thinking. I think INXS did too.

Am I the only person that is tired of reworked Dead lineups touring around playing old Dead songs? I really liked having Phil Lesh and Friends exist without Bobby being involved in any way, and now Bobby is back in the picture? Oh well, I’m just glad Phish is touring again so I don’t have to go see this band.

^ I didn’t realize you would be forced to see them even if Phish wasn’t playing.

I look forward to catching a show, wouldn’t mind having someone like Joan Osbourne or Jen Durkin joining to handle the fat mans lyrics.

^^ I’m kind of with you. “Further” could be okay, if Bobby takes more of a back seat-- but it does look even more like a cover band with the addition of Kadlecik. I definitely think Phil is better off doing the Phil & Friends thing. He seems to be the only remaining member of the band that knows how to make things feel fresh and new rather than nostalgic and recycled. We shall see…

Kadlecik + Phil + Russo + Jeff= WOOOOOOOOO!!!

I hope they get to Chicago, I have seen Phil over 30 times (mostly Phil&Friends) and he BLOWS THE DOORS OFF every time…

I love Warren to death but he needs Jimmy Herring to bounce off of for me and this last Dead Tour lacked the punch I was looking for…I loved the 2 shows I went to in the Spring but left wanting just a tad more…

Things that need to happen:
Bobby needs to sing the songs like they were written, not speak the parts like he did in the Spring…

Kadlecik needs to SNAP like he does in DSO

Jeff needs to be more assertive, HE IS A BADASS!!!

Phil needs to be UP in the mix unlike back in the Spring

Im excited and some of the old Heads I trade with are too, which surprised me since mostly they bitch about everything…